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Committed to help you succeed

We are here for you. As a sounding board when new ideas need to be tested. As advisors when questions arise or problems need to be solved. We give you the comfort of knowing that the financial information about your company is correct. We also offer you the opportunity to further develop your business by providing valuable advice based on information and experience that are hard to come by for the single entrepreneur. Our team of business advisors, auditors, tax consultants and accountants is committed to helping you build your success.

About Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton, established in 1993, is one of the fastest-growing audit and advisory companies in Poland. For over 25 years we have worked for the most demanding clients, including a growing number of international companies as they look for an independent firm to handle their business advisory services in Poland. We have been rendering our services to almost 1600 companies annually, many among them listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange or as one of the top 500 Polish enterprises. We have over 550 employees now. As the fifth largest audit and advisory firm in Poland we offer a unique combination of a slim and efficient organisation with the capability to operate globally.


Grant Thornton International

As a member of Grant Thornton International, we have access to a network of member firms worldwide combining the knowledge and experience of individual marketplaces with technologies, methodologies and specialist resources. At Grant Thornton every client receives a personalised service, which means the personal advice and attention of partners from member firms wherever they are in the world. Not many international accountancy firms can claim this, even fewer deliver it.

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Rankings and awards

Grant Thornton is one of the fastest-growing accounting and advisory firms in Poland. Our efforts to provide clients with high quality, distinctive service have been noticed by independent market analysts and leading economic media.

At Grant Thornton we take a lot of pride in the fact that for many years now our company has ranked high in all major listings of audit, tax advisory, business consulting and outsourcing firms in Poland.

Audit Firm Ranking

Grant Thornton among the best

Grant Thornton comes 6th in this year’s ranking of audit firms published by the Rzeczpospolita daily on 17 April 2018.

In 2017, Grant Thornton’s total revenues amounted to PLN 61.8 million, an increase of 13.4 percent compared to the previous year. According to data collected by “Rzeczpospolita”, Grant Thornton is the six largest auditing and consulting company in Poland.

Grant Thornton among the largest tax advisory firms

We are extremely pleased to announce that Grant Thornton has been awarded in the 12th Ranking of Tax Advisory Businesses organized by “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.

In the ranking of the largest tax advisory firms, Grant Thornton has been ranked 4th in the category “Large companies (more than 10 people with a tax advisor license)”.

It’s worth reminding that Małgorzata Samborska, a tax advisor and the director of the Grant Thornton Tax Advisory Team, has been awarded 3rd place in the individual ranking of tax advisors in the “PIT” category in last year edition.

This award confirms that thanks to longstanding experience and excellent knowledge of working practices of tax authorities, our advisers effectively support their customers in getting favourable settlements in tax proceedings at the earliest stage of the proceeding.

Corporate Tax Firm of the Year

Finance Monthly celebrates the individuals and firms who have excelled in their particular area of expertise in the past twelve months. These individuals are constantly adapting their services to cater for their clients’ needs in an ever-changing economic climate and regulatory landscape.

We are happy to report that Grant Thornton was recognized as such company during 2015 Tax Awards and received the title of Corporate Tax Firm of the Year.

“2013 Reliable Outsourcer” – Grant Thornton wins prestigious title for fourth time

Just like in previous years, in its “2013 All-Polish Outsourcing Market Assessment” Forum Press publishing house that publishes, among others, Facility Manager Magazine, evaluated the outsourcing services market in Poland. The survey was accompanied by a survey entitled “2013 Reliable Outsourcer”, in which outsourcing service buyers rated their service providers. For the fourth time Grant Thornton was among the survey winners and was awarded the “2013 Reliable Outsourcer” title.

The statuette and the “Reliable Outsourcer” title are a particularly valuable distinction as they are awarded based on a direct customer satisfaction survey held among outsourcing service buyers.

As part of this edition of the survey the following aspects of the functioning of outsourcing service providers were taken into account: flexibility in their approach to tasks assigned by the clients, contract launch standards, networking skills, information flow and the level of goal achievement. The quality of services provided was also evaluated along with their innovativeness, customization and understanding customer needs. Service providers’ creative approach to complex problem solving and value for money were important criteria as well.

We are happy that once again the top quality of our services and the assistance provided by Grant Thornton experts to entrepreneurs operating on the Polish market were noticed and appreciated. We are even more satisfied that such an opinion was voiced by our Clients as Grant Thornton was awarded with the “Reliable Outsourcer” title for the fourth time based on their assessments and opinions.

WSE Partner Company

Grant Thornton is a Partner Company to the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

For several years, the Warsaw Stock Exchange has been pursuing Business Partner programs for SMEs WSE Primary Market Leaders. These programs have been launched to help companies to find the appropriate partners to assist in the process of entering the Exchange.

The aim of the WSE programs is to support entities seeking funds in the public offerings as well as creation of conditions that stimulate the development of small and medium-sized businesses by enabling such companies to raise money on the stock exchange.

Grant Thornton has been invited to participate in the program because of our expertise in dealing with listed companies and the activity in the primary market. As a partner company our main task is to provide assistance during the preparation of the prospectus and other documents.

NewConnect Authorized Advisor

Grant Thornton is an Authorized Advisor on the NewConnect market. We cooperate with innovative, rapidly growing companies from different market sectors.

Grant Thornton:

  • supports in the process of capital raising
  • supports in the preparation of information documents
  • provides advisory services regarding presence in the NewConnect market
  • provides assistance in the fulfillment of disclosure requirements

NewConnect is a stock market, organized as alternative trading system operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is a new, organized financial market for companies with high growth potential. NewConnect is also a new proposal of the WSE for investors willing to accept higher risk in return for higher yields.

NewConnect was established for dynamic and innovative companies with high growth potential. Debut on the alternative trading market would enable such companies to raise capital and create an opportunity to explore potential of their innovativeness. As a result issuers receive an opportunity for development and promotion to become among the group of large, leading and valuable polish enterprises.

Catalyst Authorized Advisor

Grant Thornton is an Authorized Advisor for the Catalyst market. We cooperate with companies from diversified market sectors that have already established their presence on the market.

Grant Thornton:

  • supports in raising capital
  • supports in preparation of information document
  • provides professional advisory related to the current obligations of the issuer
  • supports in fulfilling all relevant information requirements.

Catalyst is a bond market run on the transaction platforms of Warsaw Stock Exchange and BondSpot.

Catalyst consists of four trading platforms of which two are organized by Warsaw Stock Exchange (as a regulated market and alternative trading system), where a unit of transaction is one bond and two other platforms are run by Bondspot where transaction unit is worth at least PLN 100 000. Catalyst structure enables companies with different characteristics to issue bonds as well as to meet expectations of individual and institutional investors.

Catalyst is relatively new market for investors eager to accept stable return with minimized risk ( paid as a coupon).