Clients relish the Grant Thornton


Our clients voiced their appreciation for Grant Thornton services. The results of the customer satisfaction survey focusing on service quality – Net Promoter Score – came back at 75% for the organisation in Poland and 54% for Grant Thornton worldwide. This is more than the NPS scores of the largest companies commanding strong customer loyalty, including Apple.

Grant Thornton services in Poland are greatly appreciated by clients. The survey conducted in 2017 demonstrated that the customer satisfaction metric (Net Promoter Score – NPS) is as high as 75%. It means that a substantial majority of our customers would recommend our services to their friends. Such an excellent, record-high customer loyalty score confirms that the firm continues to develop, placing adequate emphasis on building business relations with its clients.

Net Promoter Score is a popular metric for measuring customer loyalty to a brand. The survey is based on a questionnaire with questions like “would you recommend our company to others?”. Clients are asked to rate their answers on a 0 to 10 scale, with 10 as the highest rating. Respondents are segmented into three categories based on their response: promoters – who rated their answer at 9 or 10 (at Grant Thornton, they account for 79.5% of all clients), passives – 7 or 8, and detractors, who respond with a score of 6 or less (4.5% of Grant Thornton clients). NPS is the difference between the percentage of promoters and that of detractors (% promoters – % detractors = NPS).

Tomasz Wróblewski
Managing Partner Grant Thornton in Poland

Exceptional client service forms one of the pillars of Grant Thornton’s growth strategy. I would even venture to say it is an element of our corporate culture. From the inception of our firm, we have been sensitive to this issue and we attach great importance to this sphere. We are very happy that our efforts are reflected in the survey

This year’s global results for ClientVoice (10,000 clients of 45 firms) show that we are delivering Client Promises. Our 2017 data suggests that our clients are more likely to recommend us than Apple’s customers are to recommend Apple. Our global Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 54% is recognised as “world class” against established benchmarks and puts us ahead of some of the world’s most recognised brands including Apple (47%), BMW (40%), IBM (27%), Microsoft (45%) and Honda (49%)*. Over 63% of our clients are “Promoters” and would recommend Grant Thornton and less than 9% are “Detractors”

While our client scores slipped marginally from last year, they remain consistently high overall. The number of clients surveyed has grown 40% to about 10,000 clients globally, giving us greater confidence our numbers are robust. Our Client Satisfaction Index is 8.48 (down 0.13); Client Experience Index is 8.45 (down 0.09); and our Net Promoter Score of 54% is down 3% on last year.