Polish business community regains faith
in the power of the euro


Polish business community is getting over the weaknesses of the single currency. Already three out of four mid-sized and large enterprises would like to see Poland switch from the zloty to the euro.

The single currency has won back the confidence of Polish businesses. Today, as much as 74% of mid-sized and large enterprises operating in Poland would like the country to join the Eurozone.

This is the highest percentage since 2011, i.e. since the height of the “Greek crisis” (Greece’s debt bailout programme of July 2011), up 16 percentage points compared to 2016 (the survey was not conducted in 2017). The growing disillusionment of Polish businesses with the European currency, which had persisted for five years (2010-2015), has lifted and the percentage of euro-supporters has returned to pre-crisis levels.

“The Euroland debt crisis of 2010-2011 significantly damaged the reputation of the euro around the world, and in Poland too. However, after several years of calm, the single currency is returning to favour and is again perceived as stable.”