Accountancy Bureau (for start-ups)


The Accountancy Bureau service is aimed at supporting the performance of the accounting function of start-ups and micro- and small-sized enterprises. Grant Thornton’s task is to perform the entrepreneur’s duties related to keeping books of account, calculating payroll and tax and accounting reporting.

Grant Thornton’s Accountancy Bureau renders comprehensive accounting services to companies, including registering the client’s business, providing tax and legal assistance and performing accounting services in compliance with the Accounting Act. We support our clients in daily settlements and filing tax returns.

The scope of works performed by Grant Thornton’s Accountancy Bureau covers the following accounting and payroll services for SMEs:

  • company registration
  • tax and legal assistance in the process of registering a business
  • business address rental
  • accounting services in compliance with the Accounting Act
  • calculating payroll
  • tax returns, ZUS, GUS, NBP, PFRON [the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled] and Intrastat statements
  • basic personnel administration tasks
  • administrative support: processing bank transfers, invoicing, business travel accounting
  • financial statements
  • standard reports

Grant Thornton’s advisors successfully remove burden from entrepreneurs performing their accounting duties and ensuring effective and comprehensive accounting services. Working with Grant Thornton means more time for the clients to grow their businesses and confidence that their books are in order.

For more information about the Accountancy Bureau service, please contact our advisor.