Accounting supervision


The service’s purpose is to share the performance of the accounting function by the company and the outsourcer.

The scope of accounting supervision mostly covers formal and accounting control of accounting documents, verification of the correctness of entries made based thereon and assistance with preparing IT and reporting documents such as returns and financial statements.

The service tasks may include:

  • verifying accounting books
  • verifying or drawing up current tax returns and required reports (including to GUS, NBP)
  • consultations during tax audits and investigations and social security audits
  • providing oral information on accounting issues and tax regulations
  • supervising drawing up or drawing up balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, notes to financial statements, specifications of changes in equity, cash-flow statements
  • consulting on stock-taking
  • verifying an annual corporate income tax and drawing up or verifying annual tax returns (CIT-8)

Accounting supervision service deliverables depend on the scope of our works and include:

  • verified accounting books
  • tax returns and reports required by the client (including, to GUS, NBP)
  • a balance sheet, a profit and loss account, notes to financial statements, a specification of changes in equity, a cash-flow statement

Thanks to many years of experience and expertise Grant Thornton experts render accounting supervision services in a proper, efficient and timely manner, successfully supporting our clients in the performance of their accounting duties.

For more information about the service, please contact our advisor.