On-site accounting


The service involves shifting the accounting function performed on the site (at the client’s premises) to an external accounting advisor. Its purpose is to increase the efficiency of accounting processes supporting core operations.

Our tasks performed as part of the service:

  • accounting services in compliance with the AA, IFRS, GAAP
  • tax returns, ZUS, GUS, NBP, Intrastat statements
  • financial statements in compliance with the AA, IFRS, GAAP
  • management reports
  • accounting supervision
  • accounting personnel leasing
  • reviews of accounting records for past reporting periods
  • adapting financial systems
  • document filing
  • services involving the client’s accounting applications
  • financial administration
  • financial analyses
  • designing and organizing accounting processes
  • measuring the efficiency of accounting processes

Grant Thornton experts will take care of performing entrepreneurs’ duties related to keeping books of account, calculating payroll and tax and accounting reporting. We moreover advise our clients in management accounting and organization of accounting processes..

Grant Thornton’s support involves designing the organization of accounting in such way so as to customize records and reporting to satisfy the client’s needs with a view to increasing the efficiency of the company’s accounting function.

Thanks to many years of experience and expertise Grant Thornton experts render on-site accounting outsourcing services in a proper, efficient and timely manner, successfully supporting our clients in the performance of their accounting duties.

For more information about the service, please contact our advisor.