Bond issue on WSE Catalyst


The goal of the service is to provide advice on raising debt capital in the form of bonds and assistance in introducing companies to the Catalyst market.

As Catalyst Authorised Advisers, Grant Thornton specialists develop business and financial models presenting the company’s appeal to potential investors. We also take care of the formal aspect of the process, including drawing up the necessary documents and collateral arrangements.

Thanks to the extensive experience and expertise of our advisers, the bond issue process and Catalyst début will be conducted in an effective manner. As part of the service, we also provide advisory services in seeking and acquiring investors.

To make sure that all related activities present a consistent business vision, we coordinate the work of all the parties involved, including law firms.

The service covers the following stages:

  • Development of the project execution strategy
  • Determining the conditions for acquiring debt capital
  • Negotiations with investors
  • Acquiring capital
  • Compliance with formal requirements connected with bond registration and listing
  • Début on the Catalyst market

Competence and experience in Catalyst share issues allow Grant Thornton advisers to minimise the risk of failing to raise capital from investors and the risk of insufficient bond prices.

To find out more about bond issues and a Catalyst début, please contact our adviser.