Business valuation
in capital transactions


The goal of business valuation is to determine the value of the company for the purposes of acquisition, sale, merger, contribution in kind, optimisation transformation and business restructuring.

Grant Thornton specialists conduct it in a thorough, professional manner so that it may be a credible attestation of the company’s real value.
We begin by conducting a preliminary analysis of the object and goal of the valuation. Thanks to our experience and expert knowledge, we can choose the right methodology, tailored to the client’s needs, specifics of the given business and its business sector. We apply proven income, asset and market approaches.

Business valuation in capital transactions comprises the following stages:

  • Preliminary analysis of the valuation object and purpose
  • Selection of the appropriate methodology
  • Development of the financial model
  • Business valuation
  • Drawing up the valuation report with conclusions and recommendations

Once the works are completed, we give the client the final report, summing up all the works that were performed and presenting recommendations. Reports developed by Grant Thornton specialists are characterised by high quality, and their scope and execution are flexible, tailored to the needs of individual clients.

The benefits you derive from cooperating with Grant Thornton include finding out the real business value and obtaining a thorough valuation report, and most importantly proven solutions and professional forecasts.

To find out more about business valuation in capital transactions, please contact our advisers.