Legal and tax-related services
for capital transactions


The service involves providing support in conducting capital transactions in order to optimise them in terms of tax consequences and ensure an adequate level of security. Legal and tax-related services for capital transactions may include developing the structure of the transaction, comprehensive implementation services or solely supervision over the process. In all cases, Grant Thornton tax advisers guarantee the maximum safety level.

The Grant Thornton provides services for such transactions as: establishment of companies, partnerships, branches, company mergers and divisions, legal form transformations, business restructuring, business outsourcing, contributions in-kind, equity changes and stock and share.

A distinctive feature of our approach is cooperation, which guarantees receiving the optimal solution which is then efficiently implemented. You maintain contact with only one advisor that is responsible for the entire transaction. Our high level of competence and cooperation with financial and legal advisory firms enables Grant Thornton advisers to provide a comprehensive service in every transaction.

Legal and tax-related services for capital transactions cover:


  • Detailed tax analysis of the planned transaction, including the tax consequences and the cost of transaction
  • Analysis of legal and tax-related risks accompanying the planned transaction or ownership structure, including recommendations for mitigating risks
  • Planning the transaction structure to increase its tax effectiveness and eliminate or limit potential risks
  • Presentation of optimal legal forms of the business – taking into account the purpose and scope of planned operations
  • Presentation of legal and tax procedures related to the planned transaction
  • Support in conducting the given transaction, also cross-border
  • Drafting the documents necessary to execute the operation, including but not limited to agreements and resolutions of company bodies
  • Support regarding the presentation of the transaction in the financial statements
  • Legal and tax due diligence preceding an acquisition or a takeover in order to identify and quantify the legal and tax risks present in the target entity

To find out more about our legal and tax services in capital transactions, please contact our adviser.