Legal and tax services related to establishing companies, branch offices, agencies


The goal of the service is to provide comprehensive support in the process of establishing companies, as well as branch offices and agencies of international entities. Tasks covered by the service include many variants of the clients’ circumstances in the context of international tax law.

The extensive experience and knowledge of Grant Thornton advisers guarantee efficient registration of an entity meeting the client’s real needs.

The scope of works covered by the service includes:

  • Identifying the client’s real needs in terms of the legal form of business
  • Legal and tax advice related to choosing the optimal legal form of business
  • Drafting memoranda and articles of association matching the client’s individual needs
  • Drafting resolutions of the company’s governing bodies and representing partners at meetings
  • Comprehensive development of registrar documentation and all formal documents related to establishing a company

To find out more about our legal and tax services related to establishing companies, branch offices and agencies, please contact our adviser.