NewConnect IPOs


An initial public offering on NewConnect is a very important milestone in a company’s history, as it introduces the necessary financing for the business and helps realise planned investments and above-average growth rates.

The key to success is not only convincing investors that the company’s development plans are sound, but also finding a compromise between the owners’ and investors’ expectations as to the value of the business.

Floating a company on NewConnect takes from 4 to 6 months. The scope of services performed by Grant Thornton advisers includes determining the interest in the company, negotiations and recapitalisation as well as formal activities.

Determining the interest in the company includes:

  • Development of the project execution strategy
  • Drawing up a questionnaire checking interest in the project, which is distributed to investors
  • Determining the investors’ interest in the company
  • Review meeting

Negotiations and company recapitalisation include:

  • Development of the financial model
  • Company valuation
  • Drawing up tender documents
  • Contact with the interested investors
  • Road Show – presentation meetings
  • Negotiations with key investors concerning the investment contract
  • Company recapitalisation

Formal activities include engaging an agent/sponsor of the issue, drawing up the Information Document and preparing applications to the Warsaw Stock Exchange, KDPW, KNF.

As a result of these activities, the company is floated on NewConnect.

To be able to realise the potential offered by a NewConnect IPO, it is necessary to adapt the company’s organisational structure to the stock exchange requirements and to implement public company standards.

NewConnect Authorised Advisers from Grant Thornton provide support to companies in making the necessary adjustments. With our extensive experience we can provide a top-quality service, and cooperation with our NewConnect experts boosts your chances of success on the stock exchange.

Detailed information on floating companies on NewConnect can be obtained from our authorised advisers.