Optimisation of structures
and transactions


The goal of our services related to tax optimisation of structures and transactions is to minimise tax liabilities while maintaining regulatory compliance, by means of solutions related to the legal form of business, shape of group structures and using various legal institutions to achieve business goals.

The extensive experience and knowledge of Grant Thornton advisers enable us to develop and successfully implement optimisation structures adapted to the client’s unique needs and specific business models. The solutions we propose combine increased tax efficiency of your business with tax security.
The international network of Grant Thornton member firms covering more than 100 countries, including several countries with attractive tax regimes in place, enables our specialists to design and implement not only domestic but also transnational optimisation structures based on offshore tax jurisdictions.

The continual changes in Polish tax law regulations do not just hinder the security of Polish taxpayers’ business activities, but also deliver new tools which, when used skilfully in tax planning, can help reduce taxes or extend tax due dates.

Our specialists’ activities within the framework of tax optimisation of structures and transactions include:

  • Identifying the client’s tax optimisation needs both in terms of the structure of their business and individual transactions
  • Development and presentation of bespoke concepts for enhancing business tax efficiencies, taking into account such issues as the unique features of a given business, adopted business goals, boundary conditions specified by the client and applicable legal regulations, costs of implementing a structure/concluding a transaction
  • Detailed analysis of potential risks associated with implementing and functioning of the target structure and undertaking measures aimed at reducing or eliminating them, including obtaining private rulings from tax authorities
  • Preparatory activities preceding the implementation of a given solution
  • Comprehensive legal and tax services related to the optimisation structure implementation process, including:

◦Establishment of new legal entities
◦Business consolidation, transformation, division, liquidation
◦Contributions of assets, enterprises and their organised parts
◦Sale and other forms of share transfer
◦Changes in equity

  • Process supervision and coordination of all entities involved in individual activities
  • Assistance in disclosing transactions for tax and financial reporting purposes

To find out more about tax optimisation of structures and transactions, please contact our adviser.