Assets valuation


The purpose of the assets valuation is to recognize a value of fixed assets and intangible assets which belong to the Company. Property valuers  conduct valuation of real estates, other tangible assets and intangible assets following an on-site inspection and examination of the land and mortgage register, documentation and technical specifications of fixed assets subject to review. Grant Thornton advisers will prepare a reliable valuation based on a proven methodology. The expert knowledge and experience give certainty that valuation results are reliable and undisputed.

The result of the asset valuation, depending on its purpose, will be determined based on one of the following:
• Market value,
• Fair value;
• Replacement value or:
• Cadastral value of certain subject.

The final result of operations taken by property appraiser is a valuation survey – document containing opinion about the value of property.

Thanks to high competences in assets valuation, Grant Thornton advisers will propose the most suitable methodology and finalize the whole project in line with the Client’s expectations in an agreed timeframe.

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