Banking relationships


This service is addressed to companies seeking bank financing for their operations and development. As part of the service, Grant Thornton advisers draw up a report describing your planned undertaking in the context of your company’s key business areas and the business sector in which it operates. The document is then sent out to banks to determine project financing options and choose the best offer.

Our experience enables us to draw up the report in such a way that it highlights the issues of importance to a financial institution and contains all the necessary information. Data provided in the form required by banks facilitate the bank analysts’ job, which in turn accelerates the process of obtaining financing for the company.

The report developed by the Grant Thornton advisory team covers the following scope:

  • Description of the planned project
  • Company description – business profile
  • Company description – legal and organisational aspects
  • Analysis of the business sector
  • The company’s positioning in the sector
  • Financial forecasts developed by the company, covering the planned debt repayment period
  • Breakdown of banking products used by the company

The basic version of the service does not include a verification of the company’s financial forecasts.

By cooperating with Grant Thornton, you will receive a professionally written report and save time in obtaining bank financing.

To find out more about our services related to assistance in obtaining bank financing, please contact our adviser.