Brand valuation


The goal of the service is to put a value on a corporate or product trademark for the purposes of determining the amount of licence fee or tax benefits resulting from including the brand in the balance sheet. Brand valuation is also necessary in buy/sell transactions of trademarks or businesses owning a brand.

Grant Thornton specialists will conduct the valuation using one of the six available methods, with the choice of the method depending on the purpose of valuation and specifics of the given trademark. In each case, brand value estimation is based on selected financial data as well as information and statements provided by the client.

The scope of the project covers the following stages:

  • Getting to know the brand specifics, including sales forecasts
  • Talks with the client on the current positioning of the brand in question and planned activities related to its development
  • Data analysis
  • Building the financial model
  • Brand valuation
  • Formulating conclusions and recommendations

As a result of our works we produce a trademark valuation report – a document presenting an unbiased assessment of the brand value developed by a group of independent experts.

Thanks to our extensive experience in brand valuations, our consultants will choose the most appropriate methodology, and will carry out the entire project within the agreed timeframe and according to your expectations.

To find out more about the service, please contact our advisers.