Business plan


The goal of the service is to determine the viability of a company’s investment project.

The assessment is based on a business plan, with the financial section presented using the discounted cash flow model. It may be expanded to include additional market analyses, a market strategy framework, extended SWOT analysis and elementary assessment of business profitability.

Project scope is tailored to the client’s individual needs. It most often comprises the following elements:

  • Evaluation of the company’s current situation (finance, product, market)
  • Description of the investment project
  • Collecting all the data necessary to develop the cash flow model, and all other information important to the project (market environment – legal limitations, competitors, potential customers)
  • Building the business plan including the financial model
  • Project viability assessment
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Formulating recommendations

As a result, the client receives a report in the form of a business plan, containing financial simulations, as well as assumptions, sensitivity analysis and investment project assessment.

To implement the project, we need access to financial and accounting data for the past three business years, market data (the market where the company operates, products on offer, strengths and weaknesses, market environment, sales and marketing activities) and to hold meetings with key people connected with the goal of the project.