Business processes


Business process optimisation is a service allowing you to make the most of your business resources. In effect, it translates into increasing profitability and production capacity.

Business processes are used in all enterprises. Not all enterprises, however, have identified, described and optimised their processes. Our experience shows that business process modelling and optimisation usually accompanies important organisational change, IT implementation or is a consequence of dynamic growth.

Depending on the client’s current needs, our support may have a varied scope starting from process description (mapping), through identifying areas for improvement, all the way to detailed optimisation packages and complete implementation of new solutions. The complete process comprises the following stages:

  • Diagnosis of current status – development of the AS IS model
  • Analysis of current status in terms of effective realisation of goals and incurred costs
  • Developing optimisation packages and consulting them with the client
  • Description of the target process model and organisational structure – the TO BE model
  • Scheduling the implementation of optimisation packages
  • Supporting the client in the implementation of optimisation packages

The complete scope of business process optimisation ends with building a target process model consistent with the company’s strategy, and the corresponding new organisational structure. Actions leading to complete implementation are defined and timed in detail.

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