Business profitability


The goal of the service is to increase the rate of return on the business through optimising its incurred costs. Grant Thornton specialists will identify the areas offering potential for reducing costs and will recommend the areas for restructuring activities.

As part of the service, Grant Thornton advisers will analyse trends and correlations between quantitative and qualitative data characterising the company’s operations long term. After presenting plans for improving business profitability, they will point to areas with the biggest potential for optimisation. Such an approach makes it possible to conduct the diagnosis and determine the areas for restructuring activities objectively and relatively quickly.

The service covers the following stages:

  • Getting to know the basics of the business operations and organisation (interviews)
  • Collecting data for analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Verifying the preliminary findings in a series of meetings with management staff
  • Formulating conclusions and recommendations
  • Optimisation of chosen processes

As a result of our work we produce a report with conclusions and recommendations. Depending on the client, the resulting optimisation project covering the identified areas may also be supported by Grant Thornton advisers.

Close cooperation with Grant Thornton enables you to improve operational effectiveness, optimise costs and increase competitiveness, as well as boost the value of your business.

To find out more about our business profitability service, please contact our advisers.