The goal of the service is to provide tools and implement processes enabling the client to develop business plans, as well as obtain credible data, which can be used as a basis for rational assessment and monitoring the effectiveness of actions.

The delivered tools and processes also enable you to build simulations of future actions in order to choose the most beneficial variant. Upon your request, as part of the service Grant Thornton advisers may review the management accounting function, as well as thoroughly reorganise it, facilitating or building new tools: budgeting, financial reporting, financial planning, activity based costing, standard cost accounting.

By combining extensive accounting and finance expertise with knowledge of the processes in businesses, Grant Thornton specialists deliver solutions of high professional quality which are integrated with other processes within the company.

The controlling service comprises the following activities:

  • Analysis of business strategy
  • Analysis of business operations and organisation
  • Analysis of financial planning processes, execution monitoring and accounting policy
  • Analysis of the incentive system in place at the company
  • Analysis of additional requirements resulting from business characteristics
  • Development of target solutions with implementation plan
  • Consultations regarding the choice of the controlling IT system
  • Support in implementing the target solution
  • Employee training


The sum of the strategic controlling services performed will bring about improved operations in the areas of planning, reporting and financial analysis. By cooperating closely with the client’s team, Grant Thornton specialists will work out solutions meeting the goals defined together with the client.

To find out more about business controlling, please contact our advisers.