Independent Business Review (IBR)


Independent Business Review (IBR) is often a requirement imposed by the creditors, especially Banks and other co-financer institutions, before making key financial and investment decisions, in particular related to debt restructuring.

The IBR carried out by experienced Grant Thornton advisors provide creditors with reliable information on current situation of the business and its future prospects. Analysis identifies the key risk areas and supports client in developing appropriate actions against them.

Grant Thornton analysis is carried out in close cooperation with organization and in accordance with the requirements of creditors. The scope of project is adjusted to individual needs. Key areas included are:

• Overview of the business environment conditions,
• Overview of the inside of organization,
• Analysis of the current financial results of the Customer,
• The assessment of the relevance, feasibility and reliability of the financial projections.

The outcome of our work is the report which presents in a concise and clear way, objective assessment of the situation of the company, as well as detailed argumentation of it. Cooperation with Grant Thornton provides an independent opinion, which reduces the risk associated with credit and investment decisions.

For more information on the Independent Business Review, please contact our advisor.