Internet Intelligence


The times of seeing the internet as a “different world” are gradually coming to an end. Today, it is obvious that this great tool constitutes a part of our reality. Further expansion of the internet poses new challenges for people and companies alike in technological, cultural, social and economic terms. Owing to that, new branches of economy have come into existence and the nature of the existing ones has changed. We are witnessing the dynamic development of companies whose owners and managers have chosen the internet as a source of building competitive advantage.

The Internet’s impact has become so significant due to the fact that more and more spheres of life enter the web. On average, 20 million Poles use the internet 80 hours a month, and the majority does it on a daily basis. The web quickly changes the manner in which we shop, relax, learn and do business. The internet is a place where entrepreneurs, managers and employees are free to try, make mistakes, draw conclusions and succeed in a more secure, faster and easier way than ever before.

While talking to our clients, we had to repeatedly answer the following question: “Can I afford to ignore the internet when planning further development of my company?”. It is not worth it. At present, in the best case scenario, companies lose the chance to gain a strong or leading position in the virtual world. As a consequence, they are left with much more expensive (traditional) promotion, sales and limited sources of managerial information.

At Grant Thornton, we believe that dynamic companies gain competitive advantage on the market more often when drawing on knowledge and community linked into the global network. We are of an opinion that only an original mix of e-marketing and internet technology will allow companies to achieve the most effective return on investment in brand building, dynamising sales, increasing company’s profitability and goodwill.

If you are considering an enhancement of your company’s internet presence, this is the time to consult our Internet intelligence team. We are here to help you understand what possibilities the internet can offer you today. You can benefit from our experience and available internet tools in order to get to know how to build your competitive advantage on the market much more efficiently.

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