Loss of chance valuation


Loss of chance valuation consists in assessing the true value of financial and accounting consequences of business disputes. Such disputes arise most often out of terminating a contract by one of the contracting parties in a manner non-compliant with the principles stipulated therein or failing to meet contractual terms.

The main goal of the valuation is to estimate the damage by comparing a situation where the dispute has not taken place with the situation affected by the results of the dispute.

An impartial and thorough valuation increases the chances of winning the dispute in court or arbitration proceedings. Moreover, our advisers support law firms as well as courts in comprehending the financial and accounting aspects of the dispute which usually lie at its core.

Valuation services consist of the following stages:

  • Getting to know the business, history of the company and cooperation between contracting parties
  • Identification of the causes of the dispute and its economic consequences
  • Analysis of collected data
  • Developing scenarios of events that would take place if the dispute had not arisen, taking into account changing values of several key calculation aspects
  • Comparing the scenario to the events caused by the dispute
  • Estimating the damage
  • Drawing up the loss of chance assessment report

Thanks to our expert knowledge and many years’ experience in making assessments for the purposes of arbitration and court proceedings, Grant Thornton advisers know how to behave in a courtroom and can minimise the risk of losing the case, losing the right to pursue damages or having to pay them. We guarantee complete confidentiality regarding the valuation.

To find out more about the loss of chance valuation, please contact our adviser.