Public Private Partnership (PPP)


Public Private Partnership involves cooperation between the public and private sector aimed at optimising the execution of a specific undertaking. The point is to provide a service which was traditionally reserved for the public sector. The assumption underlying cooperation is that mutual benefits can be derived, both social and commercial.

The goal of the service is to support local authorities in undertakings of a public nature which require capital outlay and/or the competence of a private partner. Grant Thornton specialists will ensure a superior benefit rate, by employing the competence of the private sector and assigning the risk to the party that can handle it best.

The extensive experience and knowledge of Grant Thornton specialists enable us to provide effective support in European public infrastructure projects. Through our in-depth knowledge of the partnership issues, each stage is carried out in the right way and at the right time, which benefits both parties involved.

The PPP service comprises the following activities:

  • Developing the strategy of operations
  • Analysis and identifying the optimal approach to project execution
  • Developing the offer for investors (including tender documentation)
  • Calling a tender
  • Implementing programme monitoring
  • Evaluation of bids, choosing the partner and negotiating the contract
  • Supervision of project execution in financial terms

Grant Thornton experts are actively involved throughout the project, providing advice at key decision points and ensuring undisturbed and beneficial progress of the project to all the parties involved.

To find out more about the Public Private Partnership service, please contact our adviser.