Risk management


The goal of the service is to implement an effective Enterprise Risk Management System (ERM), supporting your operations and limiting the impact of uncertainty on your business.

Business risk management is an integral element of an organisation. Grant Thornton advisers plan and implement an effective risk management system, taking into account the specifics of a given business and significance of all members of the organisation. That is why, while providing this service, we put special emphasis on getting to know your business, its operations and environment, as well as the management system in place. We also pay attention to preventing and detecting business fraud.

Implementation of the enterprise risk management system comprises the following stages:

  • Getting to know the business
  • Introductory workshops
  • Designing the framework of ERM methodology and tools
  • Risk identification, estimation and assessment
  • In-depth analysis of chosen risks
  • Designing target ERM tools
  • Implementation support

The Grant Thornton specialist team then produces the enterprise’s Risk Map and draft of the Enterprise Risk Management System with the requisite documentation (including the procedures, regulations and process descriptions) as well as a training programme.

In light of the fact that the Code of Best Practices for WSE Listed Companies contains guidelines recommending annual assessments of the ERM by the Supervisory Board, this service may be of special significance for listed companies.

To find out more about our risk management service, please contact our advisers.