Auditing of consolidated
financial statements


The goal of audit services provided by Grant Thornton is to provide assurance in the form of an auditor’s report confirming that the financial data are reliable and comprehensible, and most importantly to reduce the risk of the client’s decisions related to accounting and finance.

Grant Thornton specialists audit financial statements using methodologies that are in full compliance with local regulations, as well as International Standards on Auditing and the International Code of Ethics. High-quality results are also reinforced by the standards and experience of the Grant Thornton International network.

Financial statement audits are handled by a team comprising more than 100 auditors. Our experience enables us to adapt both the audit strategy and plan to the specifics of each client’s business sector.

By ensuring adequate information flow between our team and our clients we can increase work effectiveness, meet reporting deadlines and reduce the alternative costs of financial statement audits. This approach forms a key element in building a partnership between the parties to the audit.

In the preliminary stages of the process we get to know the operations of the audited company, its organisation, performance, financial situation in the context of its business and legal environment. We learn about the accounting system and internal control mechanisms. On this basis we identify risk factors and analyse them.

In the following stage, we usually divide the workload into the pre-audit conducted prior to the reporting year end, and the final audit, conducted after the year end.

Conclusions from the audit are presented in the form of an auditor’s opinion and report. Where appropriate, we submit a letter to the Management Board or Supervisory Board presenting important findings of the audit which do not need to be included in the opinion or report.

Scope of services:

  • Audit and review of financial statements (stand alone and consolidated) in compliance with Polish Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Drawing up financial statements
  • Consultations
  • Trainings

For detailed information on our provision of financial statements audits please contact our advisers.