Confirmation of the correctness
of consolidation packages


Companies belonging to capital groups prepare financial statements and consolidation packages containing financial information needed by parent companies for preparation of a consolidated financial statement. Each such package shall be prepared according to the regulations applicable to a consolidated financial statement.

Our experts have wide experience in verification and confirmation of consolidation packages prepared in compliance with:

  • the Polish Accounting Act and other Polish regulations;
  • International Accounting Standards / International Financial Reporting Standards IAS/IFRS;
  • US GAAP;
  • HB II (Handelsbilanz II) (German standards);
  • Capital Group principles

Owing to a large number of customers for whom we verified and validated consolidation packages we accumulated extensive experience in contacts with auditors of parent companies, including foreign ones. We know what are their requirements and expectations in relation to packages under preparation. We also have knowledge about how consolidation packages look and what they shall include.

For detailed information on our provision of confirmation of the correctness of consolidation packages please contact out advisers.