Consultancy (analyses, advice,
opinions and expert opinions)


Efficient management of a company and its finance requires an access to wide knowledge of accountancy and finance. Our advisors have such knowledge and willingly share it with customers to support them in taking key financial decisions. We make various types of analyses concerning accounting methods and systems, give opinions on the appropriateness of recording solutions and recommend the proper ones.

We prepare advice in the field of accountancy and reporting. The aim of consultancy services is to provide ongoing support to customers in all activities connected with accountancy and reporting of the enterprise and to respond to any related questions or concerns.
We propose advice and consultancy for persons responsible for book keeping and preparing financial statements, within the following scope:

  • preparation of the company’s chart of accounts with exemplary postings;
  • updating of asset valuation (making revaluation write-downs in accordance with the Accounting Act or IAS/IFRS);
  • identification of differences between the requirements of the national principles of financial reporting (Accounting Act) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS);
  • assistance in switching to another financial reporting system, e.g. from the Accounting Act to IAS/IFRS;
  • preparation of financial statement templates — taking into account the requirements imposed by regulators, as well as internal requirements of the capital group set forth by the parent entity;
  • assessment of the compliance of the financial and accounting system with the requirements of the Accounting Act;
  • adjustment of the financial and accounting system to the entity needs;
  • automation of the financial statements preparation process;
  • assessments and analyses — ending with preparation of a report on identified risk factors and presenting possible methods of their improvement;
  • review, analysis and assessment of books of account, accounting principles or reporting systems ending with preparation of a report on identified risk factors and presenting possible methods of their improvement;
  • opinions and expert opinions on solutions applied for financial and accounting systems, as well as the correctness of treating and presenting the consequences of economic events in financial statements prepared according to various reporting standards (Accounting Act, IAS/IFRS, etc.).

For detailed information on consulting services please contact out advisers