Drawing up of the financial
section of a prospectus


The goal of the service is to provide assurance to investors with regard to the financial data included in the prospectus. An auditor’s report verifies that the data are correct, reliable, comprehensible and comparable.

Grant Thornton advisers have long-term experience in drawing up the financial section of prospectuses. In the course of the project we work on a number of financial statements simultaneously to assess if the financial data included there can be treated by potential investors as a reliable basis for making investment decisions.

As part of this service, we provide the following:

  • Development of process strategy and detailed action plan together with the client
  • Confirmation that historical financial data for the three preceding years included in the prospectus are correct and reliable
  • Drawing up the section of the prospectus entitled “The issuer’s historical financial information”, in compliance with Commission Regulation No 809/2004
  • Verification of pro-forma financial data, forecasts or financial results included in the prospectus

Working with specialists from Grant Thornton, means good organisation of work and guaranteed effective information flow between the adviser and the client. As a result, we can respond quickly to circumstances which were unforeseen in the planning process and develop the best solutions for the client as soon as possible.

Detailed information on the process of drawing up the financial section of prospectuses can be obtained from our advisers.