Preparation of financial statements
(or their elements)


In today’s market realities dynamic enterprises must take decisions quickly, if they want to develop. Each decision leads to specific economic events that are reflected in financial statements.

It is important that a financial statement properly reflects the enterprise’s activities and all economic events. In the face of many new situations that may occur in developing businesses, the accounting team may have difficulties with proper accounting treatment of such events in financial statements.
Our advisors work every day with various financial statements — we audit about 350 of them per year. Therefore, we exactly know how to draw up all parts of a financial statement in such a way so as they present, reliably and clearly, information essential for assessment of the company’s asset and financial situation. In our work we deal with financial statements prepared according to various models and accounting principles (policy):

  • the Polish Accounting Act and other Polish regulations;
  • International Accounting Standards / International Financial Reporting Standards IAS/IFRS;
  • US GAAP;
  • HB II (Handelsbilanz II) (german standards);
  • Capital Groups principles.

The support we offer concerns the whole financial statement or its selected elements.
Our knowledge about preparation of correct financial statements is recognised throughout Poland — since many years we have been a professional partner in the competition The Best Annual Report organised each year by the Institute of Accountancy and Taxes.

For detailed information on preparation of financial statements please contact out advisers.