Advisory on labor law
and social security issues


Due to frequent amendments to the labor law, unclear and ambiguous interpretations of tax authorities, inconsistent positions of the National Labor Inspectorate [PIP], Social Security Institution [ZUS], the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy or even the Supreme Court, we have more and more doubts regarding correct and safe settlements with employees, the payment of social security contributions and taxes, the correct contract execution and termination, the proper handling of timesheet processing or the payment of overtime.

Our consultants are a team of a few dozen specialists with significant experience in different industries who will be glad to answer your queries, draw up drafts of personnel documents, assist with preparing a notice, settle working time etc.

As part of the service we:

  • prepare and express opinions on employment and related contracts (non-competition agreements, financial liability contracts)
  • lend support in contacts with ZUS, PIP and tax offices
  • plan and process timesheets
  • lend support in the process of the employment of expatriates
  • assist with the take-over of an employing establishment by another employer pursuant to Art. 23 1 of the Labor Law,
  • lend support in any and all activities related to redundancy (agreements, notices, severance payments and compensations)
  • lend support in the process of redundancies