Managing performance
and efficiency


The purpose of managing performance and efficiency is to translate the company’s business objectives into goals and tasks of teams and individuals, including their evaluation. A properly developed pay system is an additional factor that helps increase the efficiency of the solutions.

Also it is very important to ensure proper personnel growth which reinforces the implementation of the company’s strategy. Such support is possible thanks to diagnosing competencies that help achieve the above. A competency model ensures the consistency of the personnel policy with the corporate policy and properly identified competencies are a basis of the majority of personnel processes (e.g. recruitment, appraisal, talent management, career paths, succession).

The service involves:

designing/implementing a solution allowing to efficiently set up and cascade goals (e.g. management by objectives, a Balanced Scorecard), involving the evaluation of the objectives and competencies required for attaining the objectives

  • designing/implementing the periodical appraisal system tools (sheets, regulations)
  • managerial competencies’ audit
  • building a model of competencies that supports the implementation of the company’s strategy
  • building a succession program
  • talent management at the organization – developing programs for managing talents and key groups of employees, designing systems of internships and programs of staff rotation (in large organizations)
  • the Development Centre – a center for the assessment of competencies (including  among other things, in-depth competency interviews, case studies, selected psychometric tools)
  • 360-degree feedback – a complex appraisal of management accounting for data from multiple sources
  • the development of key competencies – analyzing the staff’s development needs, designing development plans
  • managerial coaching