Payroll administration


In-house staff in charge of payroll must ensure the efficient calculation of salaries. Thanks to outsourcing payroll to Grant Thornton you will have access to expertise and experience of specialists and avoid the necessity of maintaining specialist departments in-house.

Our payroll administration service includes:

  • creating a payroll
  • processing bank transfers of salaries and charges
  • drawing up payslip information for employees about remunerations and deductions
  • calculating statutory deductions on remunerations and drawing up social security (ZUS) statements and the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons [PFRON] statements
  • preparing information for the Accounting Department in the form of a collective payroll
  • preparing pay certificates for the employees
  • drawing up annual returns and statements: PIT 11, PIT 40, PIT 4R,PIT 8AR, ZUS IWA

Payroll administration services are targeted at companies that aim to increase their efficiency in personnel management.  Working together with Grant Thornton experts allows to take those functions outside the company completely and at the same time is a guarantee that payroll will be kept in accordance with best market practices.

Payroll administration outsourced to Grant Thornton guarantees the clients safety resulting from certainty that the applicable laws and contracts will be complied with and permits the company to dedicate more resources to its core operations.

For more information about the process of outsourcing payroll administration to Grant Thornton, please contact our advisors.