Personnel and HR staff leasing


The service’s purpose is to ensure the continuity of operations of the HR and personnel Department of the company by:

  • leasing the personnel and HR staff during long-term absences of both regular employees and senior managers
  • solving payroll and HR problems, including assistance with repairing irregularities

The Personnel and HR Department staff leasing allows to benefit from highly specialized competencies in the area of payroll and HR services in case the company experiences diverse problems in that area. As part of the service our experienced specialists are, among other things, leased to the payroll and HR Department and correct irregularities.

The deliverables related to the service of leasing the Payroll and Personnel Department staff are conditional on the service scope. Our clients may benefit from:

  • leasing the staff to substitute for the absent staff
  • solving payroll and HR problems

For more information regarding the service of leasing the payroll and HR staff, please contact our advisor.