Personnel strategy and policy


The HRM Advisory Department’s aim is to support the growth of our clients’ business by the efficient use of human resources based on a precisely customized personnel strategy and policy. If required, we act both at the strategic and operational level.

Our consultants help develop a comprehensive staff employment and growth policy, they also act in selected areas requiring support such as remunerations and incentives, change management, streamlining employment etc.

We ensure comprehensive support at all stages including planning, implementing and monitoring effects. We review and audit HR processes, propose the introduction of efficient and optimal solutions.

Our goal is to support the clients with developing a Human Resources Management strategy that will optimally support the development of a given organization and will contribute to the achievement of its competitive edge. The strategy indicates development directions from a long-term perspective. A personnel policy is the strategy’s follow-up broken down into specific activities. Another key element is building and implementing such compensation system that will optimally, in financial terms, allow to employ and maintain (an incentive aspect) a team of employees enabling the company to attain its business goals. Such system is composed of a basic pay, variable pay and benefits.

The pay system is an integral part of the Human Resources Management strategy and a basic tool for motivating the staff. A flexible system consistent with the company’s objectives will ensure that the employees feel that they are treated fairly. As part of the service we:

  • develop job descriptions (together with line managers, organize a training, co-ordinate the preparation process)
  • perform job evaluations
  • build pay spines based on information from the labor market and results of job evaluations
  • develop regulations of basic and bonus pay (in compliance with the Labor Code)
  • develop key performance indicators in line with business objectives for individual positions

The personnel strategy activities:

  • translating the company’s vision and mission into personnel strategy components
  • analyzing key competencies for individual positions, preparing a plan for the development those competencies
  • employer branding – developing the employer’s proper image involving HRM activities planned in a long-term perspective
  • developing recommendations being directions for translating the company’s business objectives into employee objectives, evaluation methods and a selection of incentive tools supporting their implementation

The activities as part of the personnel policy – a selection of optimal processes and tools for the implementation of the personnel policy for the purpose of:

  • determining an optimal number of team members and their competencies
  • staff sourcing (including employer branding)
  • maintaining and developing competencies, including career paths, succession plans, talent management, training and coaching
  • staff efficiency evaluation
  • incentives and incentive instruments