Staff sourcing


The process of staff sourcing begins with the conscious development of the employer’s brand and ends once the staff are fully induced. Making the employees redundant and the process course (especially in mass redundancies) may affect the employer’s image.

The recruitment process starts with profiling the employee, including by publishing ads, making a reconnaissance on the labor market, analyzing and selecting applications from candidates, job interviews, professional and psychological testing and ends with the preparation of reports on candidates.

Our consultants are able to design and implement recruitment procedures accounting for business needs and specificities of our clients and also implement and train line managers or HR managers in the application of such processes.

We also lend support during negotiations of employment terms and formal and legal issues (employment agreements, managerial contracts, remunerations).

In regard of managerial positions or for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions we perform a personnel audit with the use of diverse audit tools such as expertise tests, simulations, the Assessment Centre etc.

Redundancies, including collective redundancies are specific processes. In such regard we assist both with formal aspects (preparing documentation in compliance with the Labor Code) and offer support to dismissed employees during such difficult time (outplacement programs).

Exemplary works related to recruitment:

  • designing activities related to building the employer’s brand
  • developing recruitment and selection processes
  • developing a professional adaptation program (a procedure of inducing a new employee)
  • setting out performance indicators and indicators for implemented solutions and their monitoring