Global mobility services


The goal of the global mobility services is to provide comprehensive support regarding compliance with statutory obligations imposed both on foreign nationals deriving income in Poland and entities paying out such remuneration to foreign nationals.

Grant Thornton advisers have not only the right knowledge and experience, but also tools ensuring efficient management throughout the tax year and at year-end. Ongoing cooperation with the client makes it possible to develop structures allowing for tax optimisation taking into account the potential risks related to adopting analysed solutions.

Global mobility services cover:

1. Settlements during the tax year:

a) Determining monthly amounts of withholding tax

  • Comprehensive advisory services on payroll, taxes and social security (Social Insurance Institution)
  • Determining fiscal residence of a foreign national and applying for certificates of fiscal residence
  • Analysis of the employment contract to determine the income due to a seconded employee in Poland
  • Submitting NIP applications (tax ID no) and/or NIP updates for the seconded employee and/or their spouse
  • Calculating withholding tax amounts in a given month
  • Processing of transfers related to paycheques and tax
  • Drawing up statements to the accounting department on total remuneration

b) Determining the amounts of social security contributions:

  • Analysis of actual circumstances to determine whether or not a given person is subject to compulsory social security contributions
  • Registration and deregistration for Social Insurance Institution, as well as reporting changes in the data of employees, contractors and the remitter
  • Calculating monthly social security contributions, filling out and submitting monthly declarations
  • Processing of transfers to Social Insurance Institution

2. Drawing up annual tax returns:

  • related to income from different forms of employment derived in Poland and abroad, taking into account tax reliefs and exemptions
  • related to capital gains
  • related to income from real estate trading
  • related to joint tax returns (of spouses or single parents with children)

To find out more about the global mobility services , please contact our adviser.