Tax audit


Tax audit is a comprehensive examination of tax settlements for correctness, in order to diagnose and limit or eliminate any irregularities and the resulting potential tax risks. Moreover, the tax audit is a highly effective tool for optimising tax liabilities, providing real opportunities for improving the financial results.

  • tax liabilities, including but not limited to:
    • corporate income tax
    • goods and services tax (VAT)
    • real estate tax
  • business areas, including but not limited to:
    • sales and purchasing
    • investments
    • marketing and advertising
    • accounts receivable
    • transfer pricing
  • specific operations or economic events.

To ensure a top quality service, our tax audits are conducted by an experienced team of Grant Thornton tax advisers and certified auditors, according to the methodology developed over many years.

The review concludes with the report containing:

  • a diagnosis of irregularities
  • a diagnosis of issues generating tax risks
  • recommendations of correct solutions and activities helping reduce or eliminate potential tax risks
  • assessment of tax consequences with regard to issues indicated by the client

The final scope of the tax audit is a combined product of both the client’s expectations and the suggestions presented by Grant Thornton experts.

If you are interested in verifying tax accounting in your firm, please contact our advisers.