Tax proceedings


Supporting taxpayers in their contacts with tax authorities and proceedings before administrative courts requires specialist knowledge in the area as well as familiarity with and fluency in applying the available procedures. With our many years’ experience and excellent knowledge of the practices of fiscal authorities, Grant Thornton tax advisers can successfully support you in effecting favourable tax authorities’ decisions in tax proceedings at the earliest stage of the proceeding.

Depending on your needs and expectations, our involvement may cover comprehensive advisory services, including representing you in the course of proceedings at the successive instances and before administrative courts, or may be limited to drawing up documents in the course of proceedings. Ongoing cooperation with the client ensures that we can develop a consistent and appropriate approach strategy.

Our support covers issues concerning income taxes, goods and services tax (VAT), excise duty, tax on civil law transactions, local taxes and customs duties. In this scope, we offer:

  • developing the most advantageous strategy in the face of a fiscal or tax control, or in the course of tax proceedings
  • acting as a proxy of the client during a fiscal or tax control, or in the course of tax proceedings
  • drawing up statements of explanation, objection, appeal and other documents required during proceedings
  • participation and advisory in hearing and giving explanations by the taxpayer’s employees
  • drawing up letters of complaint to the regional administrative courts and acting as a proxy of the taxpayer before those courts
  • preparing complaints to the Supreme Administrative Court against the verdict of the regional administrative courts and representing the taxpayer in proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court
  • assistance in receiving a reimbursement of overpaid taxes and obtaining binding tax interpretations

We also organise trainings and workshops aimed at preparing taxpayers for participation in fiscal and tax control, as well as tax proceedings.

To find out more about Grant Thornton support in tax proceedings, please contact our adviser.