Coronavirus – assistance services


A time of crisis is a time for quick decisions. Our experts are fully aware of the most urgent needs of Polish businesses at the time of the coronavirus outbreak. Here is how we can help.

How quickly you adapt to the new situation may decide your company’s fate for many years to come.

That is why Grant Thornton Polska has launched a service package to help your business survive the tough times of the epidemic or even turn them into an opportunity for growth.

Our experts have prepared a range of business, legal and financial advisory services which – we honestly believe – is best suited to address the current challenges businesses are facing. We are able to promptly and significantly reduce the business risk for your organisation.

Coronavirus. Scope of assistance services

>> Payment backlogs

Mitigate the risk related to payment backlogs, by e.g. identifying receivables and payables at risk, renegotiating contracts, deferring tax payments, and staving off bankruptcy due to loss of financial liquidity

>> Applications for tax relief and social security relief

Bolster liquidity with our assistance in the preparation of applications for the cancellation, deferment or instalment arrangement with regard to the payment of taxes and social security (ZUS) contributions

>> Assistance in drawing up CIT-8 returns

Comprehensive support in the preparation of CIT-8 returns, including direct consultation with our expert to assess whether tax revenues and costs have been recognized correctly and allocated to sources accurately

>> Automated contractor verification

Ease the burden on your financial team by accelerating and simplifying the contractor verification process with our Tax Flashlight, the proprietary IT tool developed by Grant Thornton experts

>> VAT matrix / determining the right rate (CN codes)

Support for your organization in the implementation of changes in VAT regulations regarding the allocation of appropriate commodity codes for specific product categories (transition from PKWiU to CN classification)

>> E-invoicing and electronic document flow

Swift implementation of simple ICT solutions to eliminate paper document flow without undermining tax compliance


Małgorzata Samborska
T +48 661 538 580
E malgorzata.samborska@pl.gt.com

>> Hedging foreign exchange and interest rate risks

Support in identifying the right hedging strategy for financial transactions and in price negotiations with banks using a system with live data from the interbank market


Grzegorz Taraszkiewicz-Sirocki
T +48 661 538 524
E grzegorz.taraszkiewicz@pl.gt.com


>> Financial resilience test for your business

Check the resilience of your financing structure in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, including contingency planning and contract renegotiation with banks

>> Short-term financial plan

Assistance in managing key expenses and payables over the coming weeks, monitoring performance and analysis of budget variance


Mariusz Maik
T +48 603 668 135
E Mariusz.maik@pl.gt.com

>> Evaluation of legal risk in contracts, renegotiations

Review and evaluate the terms and conditions of essential contracts, approach business partners to negotiate and renegotiate terms of cooperation

>> Labour law tools helpful at the time of the pandemic

Ongoing advice related to labour law, including remote work, sick leave, holiday entitlement, quarantine, termination of employment contracts and collective redundancies

>> Verification of the grounds for a declaration of bankruptcy

Assistance in verifying the applicability of legal and financial grounds for a declaration of bankruptcy to prevent financial and criminal liability on the part of managers of enterprises

>> Mergers and acquisitions at the time of pandemic

We will provide support at all stages of selling/buying an enterprise, starting from valuation of the entity, through active participation in negotiations, up to legal services involved in closing the deal and the  tax optimisation.


Karol Guździoł
T +48 693 973 127
E karol.guzdziol@pl.gt.com


>> GDPR services

Implement ready-made solutions related to personal data processing in the face of the pandemic and remote work


Edward Nieboj
T +48 693 333 386
E edward.nieboj@pl.gt.com

>> Business impact assessment of the epidemic. Contingency planning

Comprehensive impact analysis of the epidemic on your business operations, including identification of different emergency scenarios, response measures and minimisation of potential losses

>> System security assessment

Analysis of network connections and services, operating systems, databases and sensitive ICT infrastructure for vulnerabilities to cyber attacks

>> Security in remote work – online training

Remote training for your staff to raise their awareness of the threats to information security off the business premises


Radosław Kaczorek
T +48 501 433 303
E radoslaw.kaczorek@pl.gt.com


>> Remote customer service

Support in taking your customer service online, including an analysis of the necessary processes, identification of needs, strategy development

>>  E-commerce audit and sales optimisation

Optimise sales processes in your e-store through a comprehensive analysis of your online store, troubleshooting, and recommendations for change

>> Digital Needs Audit

Develop your digital strategy, identifying the most urgent needs and areas which can benefit most from digitalisation


Michał Madura
T +48 505 016 712
E michal.madura@pl.gt.com

>> Accounting and finance service

Outsourcing of bookkeeping services, accounting expert supervision, support in tax reporting/tax compliance (VAT, CIT, NBP, GUS)

>> HR & payroll services

Outsourcing of HR & payroll services, ongoing HR & payroll support, including assistance in the preparation of documents and applications


Edward Nieboj
T +48 693 333 386
E edward.nieboj@pl.gt.com

>> Risk management fast-tracking

Develop and implement risk management fast-tracking in your organization to facilitate the difficult management decisions at this time of crisis

>> Improving effectiveness through process optimisation

Remodel and optimise management processes, develop workflow management methods, choose and reorganise appropriate human and financial resources to face sudden loss of revenues

>> Enhancing resilience in management processes

Determine key decision-making and operational positions in your organization, map out a position replacement plan, build work coordination mechanisms, prepare templates for hand-over reports and rules of communication


Małgorzata Kuik
T +48 603 668 125
E malgorzata.kuik@pl.gt.com

We are ready to help your business immediately

Grant Thornton Polska has successfully transitioned practically all of the firm’s operations to remote working. For our people, it’s business as usual, with all the necessary tools.

We are ready!