Dear Clients,

please be informed that Grant Thornton continues to provide its services in an uninterrupted manner. We have undertaken measures – as described below – to make sure that the extraordinary situation in the country does not impact on the quality of our tasks.

1. As of March 16th, we are working remotely. Our firm started the relevant preparations well in advance, three weeks before that date, and they have been successfully completed. Our employees are already working away from the office, having all the necessary tools at their disposal. They can still be contacted by phone and email during working hours.

2. All our systems, including bookkeeping, HR and payroll, as well as communication tools, are working without interruption, with ongoing support guaranteed by our internal IT team. All employees have permanent remote access to our systems.

3. Employees have been provided with IT tools enabling tele and video conferencing, including with people from outside our organisation. Therefore, remote work should not hinder talks and arrangements.

4. At our offices, the front desks are open according to a duty roster, so paper correspondence is handled without interruptions. With some services, the approach to delivering documents may have to be modified, in which case you will be informed individually by your account manager.

5. The computers used for remote work are subject to the same cybersecurity and personal data protection restrictions as all computers in the Grant Thornton network, including data encryption on local hard drives and secure communications between the servers and workstations.

6. In the interest of upholding service quality, in some specific situations we may contact you to make the necessary special arrangements ensuring service continuity.

7. At Grant Thornton, we have set up a special team to constantly monitor and discuss the situation in response to the pandemic and make decisions about the operations of our firm during regular meetings. In the case of any further significant changes, we will inform you separately.

8. We feel responsible for your Employees, Clients and their families, and that is why we are undertaking a series of measures to ensure their health and safety. We comply fully with the regulations and guidelines – national and WHO – related to the epidemic, and aim to minimise any risk.

We are hopeful that with our new solutions you will not notice any significant change in our service. If, however, some interruptions or shortcomings do occur, please report them to your account manager. We will do our best to eliminate them on an ongoing basis.

Should you have any questions, please contact your service team.