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Michał Madura

Client Success Director, EDISONDA

What is dynamic change management?

Implementing change in an organisation, especially a large one, is never an easy task. Resistance to new processes, tools or the need for new competencies is natural. As part of our change management support service, we help minimise resistance among employees, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining high productivity. We also support in maintaining a positive work atmosphere, which is crucial for innovation and creativity. Working with us will ensure that change is embraced and fully integrated into the company’s daily operations.

  • Who should ask for it?

    The service is aimed at organisations that are in the midst of digital transformation or planning to make significant changes to their processes, work tools or business models. It is particularly relevant for companies operating in rapidly changing industries, where continuous adaptation to new technologies and work methods is key to maintaining market advantage.

  • When to use it?

    If your organisation is facing the challenge of introducing new technologies, processes or changes in work culture that may cause anxiety and resistance among employees, this is a sign that you need professional change management. Effective change management is also essential when you want to ensure a smooth transition and maintain high operational efficiency.

  • The gains

    With our service, your organisation can gain not only a smooth transition through the change process, but also greater employee engagement and satisfaction. The result? Higher productivity. You gain a personalised strategy with a focus on the human aspect that will make it not only easier to implement change in your organisation, but also to maintain a high work culture in the face of constant innovation.

Scope of support

The service is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimising potential obstacles associated with the change process. As part of our support, we offer:

  • Change management strategies

    Customised strategies, including both technological and human aspects, to ensure effective introduction of new work processes and tools and adaptation to changing market conditions.

  • Implementation support

    We offer support at every stage of change implementation, from planning to communication to evaluating the effectiveness of the changes made.

  • Training and workshops

    We organise trainings and workshops for employees at all levels to increase their competence in adapting to new technologies and processes, which is crucial to the success of the change underway.

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As a digital product partner, we offer consultancy and design solutions and enhancements that perfect your digital products and ideas. From the research stage to the achievement of tangible results. Using the latest technologies.

We offer professional consultancy, we carry out in-depth research analysis and create solutions at each stage of the innovation process. Beginning with research and identification of business needs, through the exploration and idea generation phase, where we develop ideas from simple concepts to more advanced projects, to the design, implementation and refinement of finished digital products. We carry out these activities in the competitive world of large and established companies.

We are part of Grant Thornton Poland. 

  • 15 years

    of activity both in Poland and in foreign markets

  • 900+

    completed projects in over 15 industries

  • 40+

    consultants, designers and researchers

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Dynamic change management

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Get in touch

Michał Madura

Client Success Director, EDISONDA

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Get in touch

Michał Madura

Client Success Director, EDISONDA

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