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We advise businesses and support organisations in creating effective digital innovations, from research to design to successful implementation.

Digital consulting

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As a digital products partner, we offer consulting and design solutions to enhance your digital products and ideas. Using the latest technologies (including AI) and applying our extensive research competencies. With our help companies can take advantage of opportunities, be more competitive, and better prepared for the new digital reality.
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Automating business processes with AI

New AI-related technologies represent an opportunity to significantly increase efficiency and competitiveness. However, it is also a huge challenge in answering the question of how to approach these changes. How do you build and develop your digital competencies so that you don’t fall behind the competition, and even better, so that you chart new directions in your category? Our experts at EDISONDA are up to date with newest trends and can support medium and large organisations in finding the right answers. They will help you enter the new era of digital business, and identify, as well as design, the best solutions tailored to both your organisation’s and your users’ needs.

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Intelligent User Interface – the way to perfect human-AI interaction

We understand that in order for our users to use AI products (and thus Intelligent User Interface), they must be willing to trust it (AI). For this to happen, we need to do everything we can to ensure that they fully understand it and feel comfortable and secure in its company.

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Appetite for growth – learn more about our training programme

AI, VR, AR, optimisation, the digital economy… When the competition in your field is panting, the market is changing like a kaleidoscope, and a technological breakthrough is announced every quarter, it’s easy to feel left behind. But it’s not worth succumbing to panic.

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Change management in the age of AI

Artificial intelligence and algorithms are becoming key tools to support business operations. They provide access to new capabilities without the need to acquire new skills, which is particularly important in the context of rapidly changing market demands.

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W. Legutko


Łukasz Czaczkowski

An expert in the world of user experience with over 18 years of practical knowledge in designing useful innovations. For 5 years he led the EDISONDA team working with ING Bank Slaski on the creation and development of My ING banking. He co-created the idea of Living Lab for the Tauron group. Currently, as Chief Design Officer, he is responsible not only for the more than 30-person team of designers and researchers at EDISONDA, but also for creating an offer that is adapted to the dynamically changing realities of business and the digital world. Łukasz Czaczkowski is also Grant Thornton Poland's Digital Drive expert in AI and automation.

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Digital consulting (Digital Drive)

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