Grant Thornton legal advisory is a team of attorneys-at-law acting within Grant Thornton in Poland. We are part of a global team of experts, present in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Services provided by our in-house legal team:


Legal advisory for M&A transactions

Within the legal advisory for M&A transactions we provide the comprehensive services in the processes of taking and handing over control over a bussiness or a part thereof, including but not limited to the sale or purchase of shares, stocks, enterprises, parts thereof or selected assets, as well as processes aimed at creating joint-ventures. We advise both sellers and buyers at every stage of transaction. How can we help in a transaction?

  • organising and conducting legal due diligence
  • drafting safe investment agreements (as SPA, APA, SHA, IA) and other transaction documentation (e.g. management contract, registered pledge agreement, escrow agreement, etc.)
  • devising negotiation strategy and participation in negotiations
  • obtaining counterparty’s and public authority’s consents for transactions
  • assistance in closing the deal efficiently and safely
  • providing post-closing consultations
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Karol Guździoł, Manager, Attorney-at-law
M: +48 693 973 127 M: karol.guzdziol@pl.gt.com

Company division, consolidation, transformation – legal advisory

The in-house counsel within Grant Thornton has assisted in hundreds of reorganisation processes for our clients, including but not limited to:

  • company transformations
  • company consolidations
  • company divisions
  • contributions in-kind (including contributions in the form of enterprises, organised parts thereof, shares)
  • formation of companies, branch offices, agencies
  • disposals of shares
  • structuring groups of companies
  • liquidation of companies, branch offices
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Grzegorz Maślanko, Partner, Attorney-at-law
M: +48 609 452 370 M: grzegorz.maslanko@pl.gt.com

Corporate law

Within the framework of this service, we provide on-going corporate services, handle restructuring processes, prepare and handle mergers and acquisitions.

On-going corporate services

  • establishing partnerships and companies, branch offices and agencies of foreign companies, support in selecting the optimal legal form to do business in Poland, from the legal and tax point of view
  • representing clients in proceedings before registry courts and other authorities
  • developing and reviewing corporate documents, in particular contracts, statutes and regulations of governing bodies of companies
  • legal services for partnerships and companies and their bodies, drafting resolutions of the governing bodies, support in meetings of shareholders, consulting with regard to the legal and commercial aspects of day-to-day business operations
  • support in amending deeds of association, handling share capital increases and contributions in kind
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Grzegorz Maślanko, Partner, Attorney-at-law
M: +48 609 452 370 E: grzegorz.maslanko@pl.gt.com

Capital market law

Legal support related to raising capital on the financial market and functioning of publicly listed companies:

  • bond issues, listing on the Catalyst market, including but not limited to support in the preparation of the relevant resolutions of the issuer’s governing bodies, support in the preparation of the information document and support in dealing with the organiser of trading
  • comprehensive support in public share issues, public offerings and listing shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and, in particular, support in drafting resolutions of the issuer’s governing bodies, information documents, prospectuses, information memoranda in dealings with the Financial Supervision Authority, the National Depository for Securities and the WSE
  • support in fulfilling the obligations arising from the public nature of listed companies and the special characteristics of publicly traded financial instruments
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Grzegorz Maślanko, Partner, Attorney-at-law
M: +48 609 452 370 E: grzegorz.maslanko@pl.gt.com

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