Personal data protection (GDPR)

Every business processes personal data. Depending on the business model and scale of economic operations, the issue of personal data protection will present different degrees of complexity and risk exposure. Some risks may have critical implications for the operations of the entity as a whole.

We support businesses facing the challenge of implementing new statutory requirements for personal data protection in two models:

Personal data protection outsourcing

  • Who can benefit from personal data protection outsourcing?

    This service is dedicated primarily to businesses interested in contracting out the function of personal data protection to an external provider.

  • What we can do for you?

    It includes both supporting personal data controllers and acting as personal data processors.

  • Contact us

    Edward Nieboj, Managing Partner
    T: +48 693 333 386

GDPR audit and implementation

  • Who can benefit from GDPR audit and implementation?

    This service is addressed to entrepreneurs who want to analyse their level of preparedness for operating under the new regulatory regime and, based on the findings, implement a personal data protection system.

  • What we can do for you?

    Within the framework of the service, we also offer training, workshops and support in drafting documentation required under GDPR.

  • Contact us

    Jolanta Jackowiak, Partner
    M: +48 601 934 173

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Personal data protection (GDPR)

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