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Compliance and security in the tax area

We minimise the risks associated with our clients’ tax settlements and reporting obligations. We offer a comprehensive range of services for the preparation and filing of tax returns, always in compliance with the latest legislation. Our experts assist in-house accounting departments with more complex tax and reporting issues. We pride ourselves on the quality, timeliness and commitment we bring to every engagement, as evidenced by our 84% Net Promoter Score. We operate according to the iCARE principles – providing clients with a world-class service and guaranteed continuity of service so that they can focus on their core business.
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What exactly do tax compliance and reporting specialists do?

On a day-to-day basis, tax compliance specialists work to ensure that tax reporting obligations are met in accordance with the latest tax legislation and by the required deadlines (monthly, quarterly or annual). In practice, their main duties include reviewing accounting entries from the point of view of tax law, calculating taxes, informing clients of the amount of public levies to be paid (or refunds to be claimed), as well as preparing and submitting the necessary documents to the relevant authorities (such as tax returns, reports – e.g. NBP or GUS, standard audit files JPK and other information). In order to carry out their duties properly, tax compliance professionals must constantly monitor and implement changes in tax legislation, which means that they must constantly expand and update their knowledge.

What are the potential consequences of underestimating the importance of tax compliance in your organisation?

Failure to comply with tax laws in Poland can have various consequences for an organisation, depending on the nature and extent of the violation. These range from financial and non-financial penalties in the form of interest for failure to file a tax return or pay tax, to the freezing of bank accounts, difficulties in attracting investors and loss of reputation, to the seizure of assets and even imprisonment in the case of personal liability for tax fraud. Sometimes, a taxpayer’s non-compliance may be the result of multiple changes in regulations, apparently unintentional and trivial, but – as we all know – ignorance of the law is no excuse and does not absolve one from liability.

Why is it so difficult to maintain a tax compliant status?

In 2023, tax law in Poland and its interpretation were in a state of chaos. Tax regulations were constantly being amended and changes were postponed and modified even before they came into force (during vacatio legis). Anyone could get lost in this confusion, so seeking the assistance of an external expert is just a sign of normal prudence in today’s business reality.

What we are good at

Current challenges/risks, new regulations

Tax compliance in the age of artificial intelligence

In an era of ubiquitous digitalisation and with the increasing role of technology in tax administration – led by the growing use of artificial intelligence by public authorities – ensuring tax compliance is no longer just an unavoidable formality, but a strategic element of business management and an important tool for reducing tax risks. In fact, the data show that the use of AI in tax administration is no longer a trend but a standard, significantly increasing the scope and effectiveness of tax inspections. Frequent and profound changes in tax legislation, and the complexities they bring, mean that running a business is increasingly like navigating a large cruise ship on a rough sea full of reefs and shallows. In such circumstances, external tax compliance professionals become an indispensable resource for managers and boards of companies of all sizes and industries, helping to minimise risk and ensure full compliance with applicable regulations. Especially as we seem to be facing one economic and geopolitical challenge after another, both domestically and internationally.

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Legislative output close to new record

According to our annual analysis published in our Law Barometer study, in the first half of 2023 Poland adopted 805 legal acts of the highest level (acts, ordinances and international agreements), totalling 19,576 typescript pages. This represents a 35% year-on-year increase in the number of pages and a 134% increase compared to the same period in 2021.

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Law enforcement hot on the trail of sanctions-busting businesses

Entrepreneurs who violate EU sanctions against Russia and Belarus cannot rest easy. This is because Polish law provides for criminal prosecution of those who violate the ban on exporting and importing sanctioned goods and statistics show that law enforcement agencies are actively using the powers granted to them to initiate criminal proceedings.

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Reporting and Tax Compliance FAQ

  • 1. What is tax compliance and when is it a good idea to use such a service?

    With the tax compliance service, an external service provider ensures that the client complies with its tax reporting obligations in a correct and timely manner, thereby ensuring the client’s tax security. It is worth using such a service to increase the security of the company’s tax settlements by utilising the knowledge of external experts, backed up by practical experience in the application of tax law in various organisations.

  • 2. How far back can you handle our tax reporting?

    We are sometimes approached by entrepreneurs who have realised that they have been negligent in their tax reporting and compliance for several years due to various business or life situations. We take on such challenges with full commitment and utmost diligence – tax regulations allow for the review and retrospective correction of financial statements, tax returns and other forms of tax information up to the statute of limitations (normally up to approximately 5 years).

  • 3. Can you prepare JPK files on request?

    Of course, we are happy to prepare standard audit files (JPK) – accounting records, VAT, sales and warehouse files – provided that we receive the data in the required format from the client.

Anna Łuńska

Anna has more than twenty years’ experience in bookkeeping. She specialises in tax compliance, among other things, and participates in the cyclical European Tax Compliance Collaboration Meetings. Her professional interests also focus on implementing improvements in ongoing contracts to achieve the perfect service standard. She consistently hones her skills at the international conventions on Business Process Solutions, organised on behalf of Grant Thornton International. On a day-to-day basis, she supervises and coordinates the work of teams providing finance and accounting outsourcing services to Polish and international companies, placing emphasis on process excellence. She has been with Grant Thornton for more than 20 years. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and completed postgraduate studies in Accounting & Finance at the Poznań University of Economics.

Dorota Kosińska

Dorota has been bookkeeping for companies and partnerships since the start of her career. Over the past 10+ years, she gained experience delivering projects for clients from various business sectors, notably: services, real estate, construction, as well as wholesale and retail. She joined the Grant Thornton team in 2012. On a day-to-day basis, she supervises the work of accounting teams, making sure that contracts are performed to an appropriate standard. She resolves any emerging issues and verifies documents to be delivered to clients – in compliance with the requirements of Polish and international accounting standards. Responsible for delivering a top-quality outsourcing service to business partners. An alumna of Warsaw School of Economics and Kozminski University. An experienced lecturer and speaker at trainings for future chief accountants.

Our unique value proposition

World-class quality of service
  • World-class quality of service
    The exceptional quality of service for which we are known in the market, is driven by our genuine concern for our clients. Our effectiveness in providing excellent service is confirmed by customer satisfaction surveys using the international Net Promoter Score, in which we have achieved ‘world class’ results for years. The cornerstone of our approach, which puts client experience at the centre, is the iCARE philosophy, which has been developed and refined over 30 years. Our high quality is evidenced by dozens of tax inspections with no irregularities found and positive feedback from our clients. Numerous long-term contracts in excess of 10–15 years and market references confirm that our efforts focused on quality and building of long-term relationships are being recognised.
  • 30 years of experience, knowledge and stable growth
    We have been operating in Poland since 1993. Every year brings growth in our outsourcing revenues, and in recent years our growth rate has been in the double digits. We have an outsourcing team of more than 350 people and six offices in major metropolitan areas: Poznań, Warsaw, Toruń, Katowice, Wrocław and Rzeszów – enabling us to serve clients from any location, regardless of their size or industry. Each year, we serve more than 600 entities and prepare thousands of tax returns, financial statements and reports. Our pride and strength lie in our people – competent, reliable and trustworthy. Their professionalism and dedication have been recognised time and again with industry awards and titles such as the ‘Reliable Outsourcer’ and ‘Outsourcing Star’.
  • State-of-the-art technology and process excellence
    In our daily work, we are supported by advanced IT solutions (GT Harmony/Workflow), which provide our clients with maximum system and data security. We have developed our own tools for verifying white-listed taxpayers, preparing JPK files and the e-reporting app (e-Sprawozdania finansowe GT) for the online preparation of financial statements, which we use internally and offer to clients. Our maximum operational efficiency is due to processes that have been refined over the years, with the support of our internal IT and Excellence Centre teams. We are happy to share our knowledge with each other and with our clients – sending them alerts, publishing free information brochures, reports and expert articles on our blogs and the firm’s website. By keeping abreast of the constant legislative changes, we ensure that our clients’ tax settlements, returns and reports are fully compliant with the latest regulations.
  • Flexibility and transparency
    We understand that doing business in such a dynamic economic environment requires agility and a willingness to change – both from our clients and ourselves. That is why we offer a comprehensive and flexible range of services, in line with an end-to-end approach. We have experience with different types of accounting systems – from ERP solutions such as SAP and NetSuite to smaller systems like Enova and Symfonia. We are prepared to listen carefully to what our clients have to say at every stage of the engagement. We offer a unique approach to service delivery, transparent and equal terms of engagement and clear rules for its termination.
  • Synergies from the strength of Grant Thornton’s global network
    We represent one of the leading audit and advisory organizations in the world. The history of the Grant Thornton brand dates back to 1904 and the firm is present in 140 countries. Our strength comes from the combined expertise of more than 62,000 people, who support each other and share expertise on the local formal and legal requirements for doing business in almost every latitude. Thanks to the synergies resulting from the combination of our skills and knowledge, we successfully deliver international projects for global brands and smaller dynamic companies.
  • Five-star social responsibility
    At Grant Thornton, we are as committed to our clients as we are to each other, to the wellbeing of the communities around us, to the economy and to the natural environment. That is why we have created the ‘High Five to the World’ programme, with 5 categories of initiatives in which we are involved, such as: supporting the children’s homes in Chotomów and Lipnica, organising Christmas charity drives for the ‘Szlachetna Paczka’ and ‘Zostań Świętym Mikołajem’ campaigns, promoting the development of young people by offering them internships and work experience and cooperating with secondary and tertiary schools, sharing our knowledge with the market and business community through conferences and webinars, raising environmental awareness among our internal community through eco-posters and numerous events – such as planting trees or cleaning the world, separating waste and working to reduce our carbon footprint by shopping locally. For our employees, on the other hand, we organise team-building trips, office holiday parties, sporting events combined with fundraising to benefit good causes, free webinars with experts in various fields. We also help pay for work-related training programmes and are equally committed to developing managers and their leadership skills. Our organisational culture supports diversity and inclusivity – everyone can be themselves without being ‘pigeonholed’. We respect the work-life balance of our employees by offering flexible working arrangements, and women returning to work after a long break due to maternity can count on the support they need. For us, business is about more than making a profit – we do business responsibly, in line with the motto ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.
  • Information security
    We operate in accordance with to the latest information security standards. We ensure the integrity of security policies and procedures with business processes to ensure effective protection of information assets. We believe that information security is critical to the success of any organisation, regardless of size or industry. Our clients' information is secure and protected

Why Grant Thornton?

Our knowledge and experience make us a trusted partner to help businesses of all sizes, in almost every industry and location, grow safely.

For over 30 years, our team has guaranteed continuity of service, unlocking our clients’ potential for sustainable and predictable growth and providing them with peace of mind by reducing the risks associated with tax settlements. Our professionalism and expertise have been recognised time and again with industry awards, including the ‘Reliable Outsourcer’ and the ‘Outsourcing Star’. We offer innovative tools, such as the e-Sprawozdania GT application. With the support of Grant Thornton’s global network of more than 40,000 employees in 140 countries, we offer comprehensive world-class services. We look forward to working with you!

  • 950,000+

    documents booked in the previous financial year

  • 950+

    outsourcing projects handled in the past year alone

  • 5+ years

    average length of employment in our outsourcing team

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Reporting and Tax Compliance

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