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Michał Madura

Client Success Director, EDISONDA

What is AI Consulting?

We live in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). Dynamic changes and continuous investment in new technologies mean that companies increasingly need support in selecting and implementing optimal AI solutions. The solution is our AI Consulting service. It gives you a trusted partner with whom you can consult ideas, plans, tactical and strategic decisions. Our experts will help you assess the appropriateness of AI and automation implementation, diagnose trends, processes, products and select appropriate technologies.

  • Who should take advantage of AI consulting?

    This is an ideal service for any company or organisation considering implementing AI and automating its business processes. This service is tailored to the needs of both smaller companies and multinational corporations. We carefully study and verify real needs to match the best solutions based on AI, regardless of the industry and size of the company.

  • When should you ask for it?

    If your company is looking to strengthen its position in the market through more effective use of artificial intelligence technology, but you are not sure where to start or what areas need optimisation. AI consulting will also help with planning your long-term digital strategy – making sure your AI investments will bring the expected business benefits.

  • What can you gain?

    With the help of AI experts, you will make the right decisions regarding the use of artificial intelligence. Implementing AI with our support provides several benefits, such as improving your company’s operational efficiency and opening new opportunities for innovative solutions that will increase its competitiveness. We will tell you how to significantly reduce operating costs, eliminate or minimize errors, and avoid the risks associated with AI implementation.

Scope of implementation

  • Assessing the appropriateness of AI implementation

    We analyse the opportunities and benefits of applying AI to your business, tailoring solutions to your specific business.

  • Diagnosis of trends and processes

    Ongoing analysis of market trends and evaluation of business processes for potential automation and optimisation.

  • Technology selection

    We help you select the most appropriate AI technologies that best support your business goals.

  • Risk assessment

    We analyse the potential challenges and risks of AI implementation, proposing strategies to minimise them.

  • Understanding user needs

    In-depth analysis of end-user needs and expectations to ensure maximum effectiveness and alignment of implemented solutions.

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Implementation process

  • Analysis

    We begin with an in-depth analysis of your business and needs.

  • Potential assessment

    We assess the potential for AI implementation and identify key areas for automation.

  • Recommendation and implementation

    We work with you at every stage, from planning to implementation, providing ongoing support and advice.

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your business and needs.


As a digital product partner, we offer consultancy and design solutions and enhancements that perfect your digital products and ideas. From the research stage to the achievement of tangible results. Using the latest technologies.

We offer professional consultancy, we carry out in-depth research analysis and create solutions at each stage of the innovation process. Beginning with research and identification of business needs, through the exploration and idea generation phase, where we develop ideas from simple concepts to more advanced projects, to the design, implementation and refinement of finished digital products. We carry out these activities in the competitive world of large and established companies.

We are part of Grant Thornton Poland.

  • 15 years

    of activity both in Poland and in foreign markets

  • 900+

    completed projects in over 15 industries

  • 40+

    consultants, designers and researchers

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AI Consulting

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Michał Madura

Client Success Director, EDISONDA

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Michał Madura

Client Success Director, EDISONDA

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