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Safe and effective outsourcing

We offer an exceptional service for the outsourcing of accounting and finance, with a focus on our clients’ tax and accounting security and maximum process efficiency. We pride ourselves on the quality, timeliness and commitment we bring to every engagement, as reflected in our 84% Net Promoter Score. Our team of experienced professionals ensures continuity of service, allowing our clients to focus on the most important aspects of their business.
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Good to know:

What challenges does accounting outsourcing meet?

With 30 years of experience in a wide range of industries and a team of over 300 professionals who are constantly upgrading their skills, we are able to adapt to the dynamic changes in the legal and business environment and ensure that tax settlements, returns and reports are fully compliant with the latest regulations. Our state-of-the-art IT tools maximise data security and the operational efficiency of supported processes. In turn, our transparency, flexibility and quality of service – described by our clients as ‘master class’ – give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your core business. By choosing us, you stand to gain not only certainty in your tax and accounting settlements and our expertise, but also time – one of your most valuable and non-renewable resources.

What are the benefits of outsourcing compared to maintaining in-house accounting?

Accounting outsourcing is designed for entrepreneurs who want to focus on their core business and build their competitive advantage there, without worrying about the company’s accounting and tax matters. The service mitigates the risks associated with tax settlements, bookkeeping and reporting. Equally importantly, it gives you access to experienced professionals without the burden of building and developing your own team. In addition, by using Grant Thornton’s accounting outsourcing service, you will not need to invest in accounting systems and their maintenance or document archiving.

What we are good at

Current challenges/risks, new regulations

A revolution for entrepreneurs – mandatory e-invoicing from 1 July 2024!

The law introducing the mandatory national e-invoicing system (Krajowy System e-Faktur, KSeF) is a major revolution that will change the existing invoicing system. From July 2024, transactions between taxpayers will have to be evidenced by an invoice and non-compliance will be subject to a penalty from 2025. What practical aspects should entrepreneurs be aware of?

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Postponement of effective dates of certain provisions – the main changes

When will the lower limit for cash payments in B2B transactions apply? When are electronic tax filings becoming mandatory? What are the effective dates for online cash registers, VAT groups or minimum tax?

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International Accounting Standards – what will change as of 16 October 2023?

The European Commission published Regulation (EU) 2023/1803 of 13 August 2023 adopting certain international accounting standards as of 16 October 2023. The aim is to simplify the EU legislation on international accounting standards to ensure clarity and transparency.

Text of the Regulation

Tax Ordinance Act with 52 changes from July 2024

The aim of the amendment is to ‘simplify tax procedures, increase the efficiency of tax authorities, improve the relationship between taxpayers and tax authorities, and clarify provisions whose application is unclear’. The planned effective date for the changes is 1 July 2024. What exactly is to change?

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Accounting and finance outsourcing FAQ

  • How do you price the accounting and finance outsourcing service?

    We calculate the price quote for each client individually, after we understand their expectations, including the scope of services. We take into account the nature of the business, company size and profile, as this will affect the complexity of the tax and accounting tasks in the particular company, as well as other formal and legal requirements involved. The process is efficient and transparent – you can expect to receive a preliminary quotation within days of your enquiry.

  • How much time do you need to take over the accounting function?

    Normally the process takes between one and three months, although it can vary in either direction. It all depends on individual circumstances. Prior to commencing the service, we carry out implementation work to gather the necessary information about the client’s business. We analyse the existing accounting records and policies and agree the terms of cooperation. The next step is to decide on the team of people who will be responsible for implementation and ongoing service, and to define the implementation schedule and how information, data and necessary documents will be provided to us. We then take over the documentation, analyse the opening balance of the books as at the beginning of the cooperation, and prepare our accounting system (Asseco Softlab ERP) to provide the service. If we agree to work with the client’s accounting system, the client trains us on how to use the system (e.g. SAP, Navision, Symfonia, Enova). The service begins once all the formalities have been completed: verification of AML compliance and independence of the service (a legal obligation of professional services firms) and signing of the contract.

  • What IT tools do you use to provide accounting services?

    In our work we use advanced IT solutions, such as Softlab (accounting system), GT Harmony (communication and document exchange platform) and Workflow (electronic document workflow system), which at the same time ensure maximum system and data security. We have experience in system integration (e.g. with Power BI or clients’ billing systems), and we offer our clients innovative working tools (e.g. e-Sprawozdania finansowe GT). Our operational efficiency is driven by our internal IT and Excellence Centre teams.

  • Can you provide the service using the client’s own accounting system?

    Yes, we also provide our services with our clients’ accounting systems, e.g. SAP, Navision, Symfonia or Enova. We understand that each client has individual needs and preferences, so we offer flexibility in the choice of software. In this case, our team will be trained by the client to operate their system to ensure the quality and efficiency of our services.

  • Will my service team be permanent?

    At Grant Thornton Polska, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. That is why we do our best to ensure that the team working with a particular client remains the same, giving them a good insight into the client’s specifics and needs. Our experience shows that such continuity promotes a better understanding of the client’s business and a more effective service. At the same time, we are aware that it is not always possible for the team to remain the same. When it becomes necessary to make some changes, we always make sure that new team members are carefully briefed and trained internally. In this way, we ensure that the change has the least possible impact on our clients and does not affect the quality of our service.

  • How do you protect our data?

    Data security is a priority for us. We use advanced IT solutions, such as GT Harmony (communication and document exchange platform) and Workflow (electronic document workflow system), which guarantee maximum system and data security. In addition, our IT and Excellence Centre teams oversee operational security, and we conduct regular reviews and internal audits to ensure we maintain the highest standards of security.

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Anna Łuńska

Anna has almost twenty years’ experience in bookkeeping. She specialises in tax compliance, among other things, and participates in the cyclical European Tax Compliance Collaboration Meetings. Her professional interests also focus on implementing improvements in ongoing contracts to achieve the perfect service standard. She consistently hones her skills at the international conventions on Business Process Solutions, organised on behalf of Grant Thornton International. On a day-to-day basis, she supervises and coordinates the work of teams providing finance and accounting outsourcing services to Polish and international companies, placing emphasis on process excellence.

Dorota Kosińska

Dorota has been bookkeeping for companies and partnerships since the start of her career. Over the past 10+ years, she gained experience delivering projects for clients from various business sectors, notably: services, real estate, construction, as well as wholesale and retail. She joined the Grant Thornton team in 2012. On a day-to-day basis, she supervises the work of accounting teams, making sure that contracts are performed to an appropriate standard. She resolves any emerging issues and verifies documents to be delivered to clients – in compliance with the requirements of Polish and international accounting standards. Responsible for delivering a top-quality outsourcing service to business partners.

Our strengths

Quality and customer care based on the iCARE philosophy
  • Quality and customer care based on the iCARE philosophy
    Customer care is the source of our competitive advantage, as confirmed by customer satisfaction surveys based on the global Net Promoter Score standard, in which we have achieved ‘world class’ results for years. Over three decades of delivering an exceptional customer experience, we have developed the iCARE philosophy, which sums up a set of specific guidelines on service standards. Our goal is to continually achieve a level of customer satisfaction that will make our clients recommend our services as often as possible, both for the tangible benefits of working with us and for the enjoyment of the experience. Our commitment to quality and customer care is evidenced by the long-term relationships we have with our clients, some of which have lasted for over 10 years.
  • Experience, knowledge and 30 years of stable growth
    We have been operating in Poland since 1993. Every year brings growth in our outsourcing revenues, and in recent years our growth rate has been in the double digits. We have an outsourcing team of over 350 people and six offices in major metropolitan areas (Poznań, Warsaw, Toruń, Katowice, Wrocław and Rzeszów). Each year we work with over 600 clients, representing businesses of all sizes and sectors, including: renewable energy, IT, construction, trade and transport. We employ great people – competent, reliable, trustworthy and constantly updating their knowledge. The average length of employment in our firm is over five years. Our outsourcing team has won numerous industry awards, including the ‘Reliable Outsourcer’ and ‘Outsourcing Star’.
  • State-of-the-art technology and process excellence
    In our work, we use state-of-the-art IT solutions (e.g. GT Harmony and Workflow), which at the same time ensure maximum system and data security. We have experience in system integration (e.g. with Power BI or clients’ billing systems), and we offer our clients innovative working tools (e.g. e-Sprawozdania finansowe GT). Our operational efficiency is driven by our internal IT and Excellence Centre teams. We are happy to share our constantly updated knowledge with each other and with our clients – every month we publish dozens of specialist articles, reports and information brochures on our accounting blog and the GT website, and send alerts to our clients. By keeping abreast of changes, we ensure that tax settlements, returns and reports are fully compliant with the latest legislation.
  • Flexibility and transparency
    As we run our own business, we are well aware of the dynamic business environment in which today’s entrepreneurs must operate. We understand the interdependencies, which is why we offer a comprehensive and flexible range of services (the end-to-end approach). We also provide services using our clients’ systems, such as SAP, Navision, Symfonia or Enova, to meet different expectations and situations. We are committed to client satisfaction at every stage of the relationship – from our unique approach to service delivery, through equal terms of engagement, to clear rules for its termination. We guarantee confidentiality and billing transparency.
  • International expertise through Grant Thornton’s global network
    We are part of one of the world’s leading audit and advisory organisations – with a presence in 140 countries, over 62,000 people and a history that dates back to 1904. In our daily work, we are supported by the expertise of Grant Thornton’s international network, which provides local knowledge and experience of the formal and legal requirements for doing business in almost every corner of the world. As a result, we can successfully implement international projects and deliver comprehensive world-class services.
  • Responsible business (CSR/ESG)
    At Grant Thornton, we believe that we are not just employees, but above all people. We are as committed to our clients as we are to each other, to the well-being of the people around us, the condition of the Polish economy and the future of our planet. That is why we have launched the ‘High Five to the World’ programme, which includes initiatives such as supporting children’s homes and the ‘Szlachetna Paczka’ charity drive, various environmental campaigns (e.g. planting trees or cleaning up the world, separating waste and reducing our carbon footprint by shopping locally), working with schools to invite young people for internships and work experience, organising conferences and webinars for the business community, and much more. We organise team-building trips for our employees, help them pay for language courses and professional training, as we are equally committed to developing managers and their leadership skills. We respect the work-life balance of our employees by offering flexible working arrangements and support for women returning to work after maternity leave. For us, it is not just about money and profit – we do business in a sustainable way, taking responsibility for our actions and the world around us.
  • Information security
    We operate in accordance with to the latest information security standards. We ensure the integrity of security policies and procedures with business processes to ensure effective protection of information assets. We believe that information security is critical to the success of any organisation, regardless of size or industry. Our clients’ information is secure and protected.

Why Grant Thornton?

Accounting is one of the business areas that can determine the success of an entire organisation. That is why it is so important to have an experienced team on your side.

For over 30 years, our specialists have been dedicated to helping dynamic businesses succeed and thrive. They have not only the experience and knowledge, but also the instinct to support the potential for growth. Our auditors and accountants are recognised as trusted experts. Our team has won numerous national industry awards, including the ‘Reliable Outsourcer’ and ‘Outsourcing Star’. Backed by the expertise of Grant Thornton’s global network – more than 40,000 people in 140 countries – our team is ready to provide you with a comprehensive, world-class service, whatever the size, nature or location of your business. If the heart of your business – like ours – is people, entrust your accounting and finance functions to the professionals at Grant Thornton. Unlock the potential for sustainable and predictable growth, and gain peace of mind.

  • 950 000+

    documents booked in the previous financial year

  • 950+

    outsourcing projects handled in the past year alone

  • 5+ years

    average length of employment in our outsourcing team

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