Grant Thornton’s advisory services are designed so as to support business managers and owners in continuous business development.

By being an independent provider operating within an international organisation, we offer an impartial view necessary to evaluate the success factors of a joint project in an impartial and holistic manner.

Our services:

Development strategies and business models

Properly formulated development strategies and well-designed business models guarantee success in every organisation.

At Grant Thornton, we design development strategies and create business models tailored to our clients’ needs and challenges so that they stand a real chance of implementation.

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Małgorzata Kuik, Partner
M: +48 603 668 125 E: malgorzata.kuik@pl.gt.com

Business transformation and organisational improvements

Business transformation (restructuring, reorganisation, integration) and organisational improvements have one thing in common – they involve change leading to benefits for the organisation and its owners.

Experts from Grant Thornton, relying on many years’ business practice in implementing improvements in organisations and management, will advise you on what to improve in your organisation and how, so as to support and guarantee successful achievement of strategic and operational goals, and to maximise the achievable synergies.

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Agata Stańda, Manager
M: +48 607 376 884 E: agata.standa@pl.gt.com

Project and programme management

By applying the project management approach in your organisation, you can successfully implement a broad spectrum of undertakings aimed at fulfilling the internal needs of the organisation or those of its clients – whether small and simple or large and highly complicated.

Project management at Grant Thornton:

  • Project maturity assessment of your organisation
  • Dedicated project management methodologies
  • Accredited project management certification training
  • Executive search for project managers
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Dobrochna Ciosek, Manager
M: +48 603 114 594 E: dobrochna.ciosek@pl.gt.com

Human capital development

Faced with dynamic changes in the market, every organisation should undertake intelligent measures related to human capital management and design the relevant resource management system – putting in place not only good working conditions, but more importantly growth opportunities for the employees.

Human capital development at Grant Thornton:

  • building competence models
  • improving incentive systems
  • career development programmes
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Małgorzata Kuik, Partner
M: +48 603 668 125 E: malgorzata.kuik@pl.gt.com

Business cost optimisation

Our cost optimisation service is intended as a comprehensive review of your expenses on corporate purchases, which allows us to devise and implement measures aimed at cost efficiencies in this respect.

In the course of our cooperation, we will help you identify your genuine requirements for products and services and formulate your organisation’s purchasing strategy. By employing our analyses of the supply market and many years’ experience, we can make sure that the scope of the cost optimisation project is tailored to your individual needs.

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Małgorzata Kuik, Partner
M: +48 603 668 125 E: malgorzata.kuik@pl.gt.com

Business process optimisation

Business process optimisation is vitally important for every company in the process of building competitive advantage in the market. It makes for the optimal use of resources of the enterprise which, in effect, translates into improved profitability and production capacity.

Depending on your needs, the scope of our support may range from mere process description (mapping), through identifying areas for improvement, all the way to detailed optimisation packages and complete implementation of new solutions.

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Małgorzata Kuik, Partner
M: +48 603 668 125 E: malgorzata.kuik@pl.gt.com

Optimisation of logistics, warehouse and production processes

Many businesses regard logistics as merely a cost centre. However, optimisation of logistics, warehouse and production processes may give your business a sustainable competitive advantage, boosting performance, improving cash flows and, ultimately, cutting down business costs.

We apply the DMAIC approach. It is a structured set of tools and analytical methods used to map and analyse processes and to define the root causes of inefficiencies. At the beginning we Define the project, then proceed to Measure and Map the existing processes. This enables us to identify the bottlenecks. Afterwards, we proceed to Analyse and Improve (find solutions). All that is left then is to Control the results.

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Jolanta Jackowiak, Partner
M: +48 601 934 173 E: jolanta.jackowiak@pl.gt.com

Financial risk management

The Financial Risk Management team provides comprehensive support in the measurement of financial instruments, market risk neutralisation, price negotiations for hedging transactions and putting in place risk management infrastructure.  We specialise in practical applications of derivatives for maximising revenues and minimising business costs.

Grant Thornton’s team of experts will show you how and at what prices to hedge interest rate risk arising out of funding agreements. We will help you gain full control over margins in ongoing treasury management activities. Moreover, with our tools and experience, value measurement of derivative instruments, and therefore hedge accounting, becomes easier and more enjoyable.

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Grzegorz Taraszkiewicz-Sirocki, Associate Partner
M: +48 661 538 524 E: grzegorz.taraszkiewicz@pl.gt.com

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