Grant Thornton tax advisory services provide comprehensive solutions to tax problems and help businesses develop solutions and structures to optimise tax liabilities.

Our commitment and individual approach to clients have been recognized by the Gazeta Prawna daily, which ranked our firm 4th in the 12th Ranking of Tax Advisory Businesses in the category: large firms (more than 10 licensed tax advisers).

Our tax advisory services:

Ongoing tax advisory

Ongoing tax advisory services aim to support you in the tax-related aspects of management as well as in correct and conscientious fulfilment of tax obligations.

Grant Thornton’s ongoing tax advisory includes the following services:

  • Solving clients’ tax problems
  • Providing tax interpretation of current business events
  • Analysis of contracts in terms of tax consequences
  • Drafting agreements with a view to the intended tax consequences
  • Development of tax optimisation strategies for implementing intended business operations
  • Support in implementing the proposed strategies for business operations by drafting legal documents
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Maciej Hadas, Senior Manager, Tax Adviser
T: +48 693 333 267 E: maciej.hadas@pl.gt.com

Małgorzata Samborska, Senior Manager, Tax Adviser
T: +48 609 452 377 M: malgorzata.samborska@pl.gt.com

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing services aim to eliminate or at least reduce the tax risks involved in transactions between related entities and optimisation of tax liabilities resulting from those transactions.

Transfer pricing services include:

  • Analysis of tax risks involved in transactions with related entities
  • Drawing up the legally required tax documentation for transactions between related entities
  • Developing transfer pricing policies and principles for accounting between related entities
  • Benchmarking
  • Assigning profits to a permanent establishment of a foreign enterprise operating in Poland
  • Analysis and drawing up agreements between related entities (including cost sharing agreements)
  • Assistance in applying for advance pricing arrangements
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Anatol Skitek, Partner
T: +48 661 538 546 E: anatol.skitek@pl.gt.com

Tax audit

Tax audit is a comprehensive examination of tax settlements for correctness, in order to diagnose and minimise or eliminate any irregularities and the resulting potential tax risks. Moreover, a tax audit is a highly effective tool for optimising tax liabilities, providing real opportunities for improving financial results.

At the end of the review, we write up a report providing:

  • a diagnosis of irregularities
  • a diagnosis of issues generating tax risks
  • recommendations of correct solutions and activities helping reduce or eliminate potential tax risks
  • assessment of tax consequences related to issues raised by the client
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Katarzyna Ciesielska, Manager, Tax Adviser
T: +48 601 723 540 E: katarzyna.ciesielska@pl.gt.com

Tax proceedings

Supporting taxpayers in their dealings with tax authorities and proceedings before administrative courts requires specialist knowledge as well as familiarity with and fluency in using the available procedures.

Depending on your needs and expectations, our involvement may cover comprehensive advisory services, including representing you in the course of proceedings at the successive instances and before administrative courts, or may be limited to drawing up documents in the course of proceedings. Ongoing cooperation with the client ensures that we can develop an appropriate and consistent approach.

Our support covers issues related to income taxes, goods and services tax (VAT), excise duty, tax on civil law transactions, local taxes and customs duties.

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Małgorzata Samborska, Senior Manager, Tax Adviser
T: +48 609 452 377 E: malgorzata.samborska@pl.gt.com

Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) – generation and verification

The goal of the service is to provide comprehensive support with respect to generating and verifying the consistency and completeness of the Polish equivalent of the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) – Jednolity Plik Kontrolny (JPK).

Scope of the SAF-T service:

  • SAF-T implementation may cover all or selected SAF-T structures (Accounting books, Bank statements, Stock, VAT purchases and sales record, VAT invoices, Revenue and expense ledger, Revenue record).
  • SAF-T verification. We verify SAF-T files prepared by other providers for correct data formats and consistency with the structure presented by the Ministry of Finance.
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Małgorzata Samborska, Senior Manager, Tax Adviser
T: +48 609 452 377 E: malgorzata.samborska@pl.gt.com

Applications to the Minister of Finance for interpretation

A favourable tax ruling issued by the Minister of Finance is a valuable tool which enables safe tax planning. Grant Thornton tax advisers provide assistance in the process of applying to the Minister of Finance for an individual interpretation of tax law.

The service includes:

  • drawing up professional applications for a written interpretation of tax law
  • supervision over the process of issuing the interpretation to ensure that a satisfactory answer is issued as soon as possible
  • applying for interpretations issued under the Economic Freedom Act (incl. to the Social Insurance Institution)
  • professional assistance in appealing against unfavourable interpretations of the Minister of Finance
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Maciej Hadas, Senior Manager, Tax Adviser
T: +48 693 333 267 E: maciej.hadas@pl.gt.com

Global mobility services

The goal of global mobility services is to provide comprehensive support in terms of compliance with statutory obligations imposed both on foreign nationals deriving income in Poland and entities paying out such remuneration to foreign nationals.

Global mobility services cover:

  1. Settlements during the tax year:
  2. a) Determining monthly amounts of withholding tax
  3. b) Determining the amounts of social security contributions
  4. Drawing up annual tax returns
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Małgorzata Samborska, Senior Manager, Tax Adviser
T: +48 609 452 377 E: malgorzata.samborska@pl.gt.com

Tax compliance

The goal of the tax compliance service provided by Grant Thornton tax advisers is to support you in drawing up tax returns.

Depending on your needs, the scope of our works may cover reviewing pre-prepared tax calculations for compliance with bookkeeping records, or drawing up tax returns with an in-depth review of data underlying the tax base. The tax compliance service is often combined with a tax review, covering all factors affecting tax calculation or selected areas of the client’s operations.

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Edward Nieboj, Managing Partner
T: +48 693 333 386 E: edward.nieboj@pl.gt.com

VAT registration

Cross-border transactions including transfer of goods as well as service provision may create obligation to settle VAT in Poland – typical events when one may require VAT registration are for example exceeding distance sales threshold or transferring own goods from territory of EU Member State to Poland under certain circumstances. Our tax advisors provide comprehensive support to ensure compliance with local VAT regulations.

The service includes:

  • confirming existance of VAT obligations in Poland,
  • drawing up registration application in order to obtain tax identification number and VAT number on the basis of documents provided by the Client,
  • support in contact with the tax authorities during the whole process.

Elżbieta Ślusarczyk, Manager
T: +48 661 538 561 E: elzbieta.slusarczyk@pl.gt.com

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