Grant Thornton audit services include an expert examination of the enterprise in terms of organisation and finance, valuation of its assets and an in-depth analysis of its development outlook.

Recipients of financial statements must feel confident that these documents were drawn up correctly, presenting a true and fair view of all the important aspects of the company’s assets and finance, as well as its financial performance. We are convinced that apart from ensuring an efficient audit process, our employees can offer our clients the added value of the knowledge and experience gained in numerous previous engagements. We are recognised for our commitment and individual approach, and for a number of years we have been ranked at the top of Rzeczpospolita’s annual ranking of auditors.

Our audit-related services:

Audit of financial statements

The goal of audit services provided by Grant Thornton is to provide assurance in the form of an auditor’s report confirming that the financial data are reliable and comprehensible, and most importantly to reduce the risk of the client’s decisions related to accounting and finance.

Grant Thornton specialists audit financial statements using methodologies that are fully compliant with local regulations, as well as International Standards on Auditing and the International Code of Ethics. Our high-quality results are also supported by the standards and experience of the Grant Thornton International network.

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International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS/IAS)

The goal underlying the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards is to support enterprises in the process of drawing up their first IFRS/IAS financial statements.

Grant Thornton advisers specialise in implementing International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as conducting financial statement audits compliant with the above standards. Our extensive experience enables us to approach the job at hand in a flexible manner, tailored to the client’s needs.

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Drawing up the financial section of a prospectus

The goal of the service is to provide assurance to investors with regard to the financial data included in the prospectus. An auditor’s report verifies that the data are correct, reliable, comprehensible and comparable.

Grant Thornton advisers have a long track record in drawing up the financial section of prospectuses. In the course of the project we work on a number of financial statements simultaneously to assess if the financial data included there can be treated by potential investors as a reliable basis for making investment decisions.

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Other chartered accountant services

  • Audit of the financial statement of founders of a joint-stock company.
  • Audit of the financial statement of the management board preceding a joint-stock company purchasing assets from a founder or shareholder.
  • Audit of the financial statement of a joint-stock company management board due to the ordinary increase in share capital.
  • Audit of the balance sheet and profit and loss account of a joint-stock company due to the increase in share capital through capitalization of reserves.
  • Audit of non-cash contributions due to a contingent increase in share capital in a joint-stock company.
  • Audit of a merger plan.
  • Audit of a division plan.
  • Audit of a transformation plan.
  • Verification of financial forecasts.
  • Audit of grant reports (including audits of reports from EU funded projects).
  • Audit of contractual obligations.
  • Verification of works of another statutory auditor
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Internal Audit

Internal audit is a service whereby specialists from Grant Thornton carry out an independent assessment of effectiveness of key processes taking place inside your business and identify the insufficiently efficient systems which prevent you from achieving your business goals.

Findings made by Grant Thornton’s internal auditors enable the company’s decision-makers to make the optimal decisions regarding business process improvement and internal control systems and risk management.

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